Kisses for Baby Evie

DSC_1547.JPGAndrew, Ben and I are overjoyed at the arrival of Baby Evie.  Al and Claire’s little bundle arrived into the world late Tuesday morning.   When Ben heard the news he threw his hands in the air in excitement and said ‘She’s here, she’s here, my sister’s here’.  He is a little confused!!  We have been so upset that we have not been able to go for cuddle because of sniffles and tummy bugs.  But we send  this message hoping it makes up for it.  Ben, Gramma and I made this master piece today!!  Congratulations Al, Claire and Hugo and KISSES for Evie xxxx.


Lunch with Baby Hugo!

Lunch with Hugo Recently Al, Claire and Hugo joined us for lunch at Hoggies.  It was lovely to see them as they have been a little busy with their little man. Catching up has not been as easy at it used to be.  Hugo and Ben were just delightful at lunch.  Hugo had a snooze and a cuddle, while  Ben played and ate.  I can confidently say that eating out with Ben is now more pleasurable…………. especially since the discovery of ‘the toy bag’ and  ‘ice cream’.  Our lovely neighbor Di (an experienced mumof three)  had told me it is a good idea to take a small bag of toys when dinning out.  It has been a huge success and used on a number of occasions.  And as for ICE CREAM ………. I am sure it  was invented so parents could eat their dinner!!!!!

Ben's first ice cream mmmmmmmm yummy!!

Zorbing on the Gold Coast

Recently we went to Zorb® Gold Coast.
Belinda, Benjamin and I went with Claire and Al as Al had a gift voucher to be used.

Big, Round, Wet and Very Fun !

Al started off with a hydro zorb where the rider is set free inside the Zorb with 40 litres of water. The rider starts out standing and maybe even running but in most cases ends up sliding inside and very wet. Al lasted maybe five meters and it was all downhill from there (literally).  Big wide grin = Excellent.

Next up I tried the harnessed zorb (dry). Strap in and roll, bounce, roll, bounce all the way down.  Another big grin at the end and I laughed all the way.  The zorb actually bounces right off the ground due to the eccentric weight (me).

Finally Al and I did a double hydro zorb.  First they pump up the pressure, fill it up with water and then we each dive in.  Not very graceful but even that was fun.  We tried to stand as long as possible but gravity and friction (or lack of it) took over and we tumbled laughing uncontrollably to the very bottom of the run.  It seems to go a bit faster with two people inside.

The exit from a wet zorb is very interesting.  Much like birth or perhaps a young Alien bursting from a victims abdomen.  First the water breaks.  Then a body part appears and finally whoosh out we come whole.  Al exited in the conventional fashion feet first.  Apparently I didn’t read the rules or listen to the zorb man.  I exited head first into a somersault on the wet grass.  It wasn’t quite as graceful as I hoped as the zorb rolled over me as I came out.  Nonetheless excellent fun.

I highly recommend Zorbing to anyone.

While we were there Claire, Belinda and Benjamin watched from below and took the photos.  Benjamin was a bit restless so we popped him out on the manicured grass.  At first he was not too sure about the grass and tried his best not to touch it.  He soon got used to it and crawled around everywhere for a stickybeak.

It was a really good afternoon.

The Beach #1

Today was Benjamin’s first visit to the beach.

We are staying at the Gold Coast in Mantra Wings Surfers Paradise, which is very close to Surfers Paradise Beach. Initially Belinda took Ben out into the water where he proceeded to make a few noises (not keen apparently). Then some friendly passers by stopped to offer Ben some encouragement. I took over for a few minutes and got Ben into the sand and water (still not keen it seemed). We finally escaped with Ben running in the air.

Aunty Claire suggested that a first beach experience might be like a “cat on wet grass”. I think she got it pretty close.

The last shot is of the pram (Bugaboo Bee) on the beach. It is not very well suited to the soft sand but we persevered anyway. Oh yeah, Belinda found a little bucket and spade for Ben which we are going to go back and try out tomorrow.