It’s a STRIKE!!

Today we went bowling.  Ben has been asking us to go for ….. well forever.  He watched an episode of ‘Handy Manny’ that was at a bowling alley.  After that every time he saw a sign about bowling he reminded us that we needed to go.   We had planned on going to our local bowling alley.  But unfortunately it was badly damaged in the recent floods.  We ended up at Loganholme.  It is half way between us and Al and Claire.  So we all went bowling…. YAY!

The kids loved it!  Ben, Hugo and even Evie all had a go.  The kids had the aid of bumpers and ramps to assist them.  Unfortunately Claire and I did not have this assistance…. we could have used it!!  It has been about twenty years since I went bowling last!  But I did get one STRIKE (no skill involved – complete fluke).  Claire however did have a very unique bowling style to assist her!   The Dads took a while to warm up and probably would have liked to play another game.   But little people needed to have lunch.  Ben and Hugo particularly enjoyed the day…. I am not sure what they enjoyed more the bowling or the chips they got as a special treat.

Picnik collage bowling

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Cousin’s Day!

Don’t you  just love  adventures!  It was  lovely that all the cousins could meet up for a play today.    They traveled  from Chinchilla, Gold Coast and Ipswich for a play at Queens Park Toowoomba. Fortunately Toowoomba (a city not known for its fabulous weather) blessed us with her very best today!!!  The kids had a ball – we had swings, sausages rolls and sabers!!  It’s funny that they don’t see each other often  but they really do have a connection.  There is something very special about family xoxo

I dusted off my Nikon today.  Here they are – the youngest Lattimore to the oldest Lattimore:


Evie (with her Mummy)









Here’s hoping for many more adventures at the park!

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Kisses for Baby Evie

DSC_1547.JPGAndrew, Ben and I are overjoyed at the arrival of Baby Evie.  Al and Claire’s little bundle arrived into the world late Tuesday morning.   When Ben heard the news he threw his hands in the air in excitement and said ‘She’s here, she’s here, my sister’s here’.  He is a little confused!!  We have been so upset that we have not been able to go for cuddle because of sniffles and tummy bugs.  But we send  this message hoping it makes up for it.  Ben, Gramma and I made this master piece today!!  Congratulations Al, Claire and Hugo and KISSES for Evie xxxx.