Kisses for Baby Evie

DSC_1547.JPGAndrew, Ben and I are overjoyed at the arrival of Baby Evie.  Al and Claire’s little bundle arrived into the world late Tuesday morning.   When Ben heard the news he threw his hands in the air in excitement and said ‘She’s here, she’s here, my sister’s here’.  He is a little confused!!  We have been so upset that we have not been able to go for cuddle because of sniffles and tummy bugs.  But we send  this message hoping it makes up for it.  Ben, Gramma and I made this master piece today!!  Congratulations Al, Claire and Hugo and KISSES for Evie xxxx.


4 thoughts on “Kisses for Baby Evie”

  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful welcome banner! What a lucky little girl Evie is to have such wonderful family! Don’t worry, you will all get to meet her very soon and give her lots of kisses 🙂

  2. No doubt about it – a showman is in the making! and she is a beautiful little baby, Ben.

  3. We finally met Baby Evie today. She is a delight……..absolutely delicious!!!

  4. Ben, that is a great poster welcoming your new cousin Evie!

    I’m glad that you and Karen had a chance to meet Evie after feeling so poorly last week. She is a cute little button, I think I’m going to be in strife when she gets older – I suspect I’m going to get wrapped around someones little finger!

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