Hello there….. is anyone still out there? It has been while. A long while!

Many many things have happened in the last little bit. One of them was I turned 37. I can’t believe I am middle aged….. how on earth did that happen??!! But anywho I thought I would celebrate the occasion by sharing 37 tidbits of useless information about myself.IMG_6650.JPG

Here it goes……

1. I don’t like coffee. I know GASP!! I drink pretend coffee – Jarrah Coffee Sensations French! Otherwise weak black tea for me. My husband is appalled!!

2. My favorite colour is Yellow.

3. I am embarrassed to say but I can’t spell. But you probably already know that if you read my blog.

4. I love living on our acre. If anyone had of told me 15 years ago that I would be living out of town on an acre I would have thought them CRAZY!

5. My two boys are my world.

6. I attempt to cook wholefoods for my family, but some days I fail miserably!

7. I have struggled with my weight everyday for the last two decades. You think I would have sorted it by now!!

8. I am desperate to travel the world….. one day xo

9. I would love to go running. You know one of those Mum’s who jogs! Something to aspire to.

10. My favorite clothes in the world are my Flannel pj’s. Oh so my favorite!!

11. I regularly fall asleep on the couch.

12. I am contemplating a change in career. But maybe I have just forgotten how much I loved teaching.

13. I am a romantic…..HOPELESS romantic. Will someone remind my husband?

14. I love my music loud in the car. Andrew doesn’t agree on my music or the volume heheh!

15. Oh and I love to sing in the car. Maybe that is why I like the music loud!

16. My favorite flower is a Lisianther.

17. I love furniture that does not match. Old style country furniture with chipped paint….. oh lovely!

18. I aspire to be a vegetable gardener. But this season I have failed terribly.

19. I am shy.

20. I love old stuff…… quilts, jars & kitchen utensils.

21. Lego is part of my everyday life – standing on it, building with it, packing it up. I have a five year old boy. It can’t be avoided. I really do love it.

22. I love my house full of family and friends. I love it when friends just drop in and aren’t surprised to see me in my pj’s at lunch time.

23. My heart was broken when I was told I couldn’t have anymore children. It is healing ….. slowly.

24. I have a sewing room. I am just finishing the decorating!

25. I spend way toooo much time indoors. I really need to venture outside more often.

26. I have to be in charge of the TV remote.

27. I am a loyal friend and hurt easily.

28. I love organizing children’s birthday parties.

29. I buy myself toys. At the moment I really want this. Its so cute and pretty!!

30. I love to cook but not when I have to.

31. I dance around the house when noone is home.

32. My dog Bonnie curls up on my lap most nights. She is better than any teddy bear.

33. I kill indoor plants. I forget they need water.

34. I really don’t contact old friends enough. It doesn’t mean they aren’t in my heart.

35. My hair is really light and wavy. Not dark and straight.

36. I wish I read the newspaper everyday.

37. Family fills my heart.

Until next time

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A Weekend Away (with my Mum)

I have so so so many posts to catch you up on but this is the first on my list for  two reasons really.  Firstly because I have a great Mum (note:  we drive each other crazy at times but I love her to bits!!) and secondly because it involves my all time favorite musical Mary Poppins! Oh and maybe a third because there was an indulgent chocolate high tea involved!  Oh and a forth….. shopping without small children!

You know I can’t even remember when this was so I will just say a few months back Mum and I said “cheerio” to our husbands and to my little one and headed into the big smoke (Brisbane hahaha). We booked into the Stamford Plaza…..


 put on our fancy clothes……..

and headed out to see Mary Poppin’s at the Lyric Theatre (for the second time).  Here is a preview of the show…….

Absolutely SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC!!!  It took by breath away again.  We had great seats in the third row!! We could even see the orchestra…..



I find the Mary Poppins story magical.  I love the wonderful childhood memories.  I love the notion that ‘anything can happen if you let it’ and I seriously adore the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! I am also a bit taken with Matt Lee’s character Bert.  I loved sharing it with my Mum as well xo.

The show is no longer on in Brisbane.  It has moved to Perth.  I am hoping that Andrew needs to travel to Perth on business soon so I can tag along with the hidden agenda to go to the theatre again!!  It really is that good!!! I did purchase the CD of the show.  Andrew has been in all kinds of pain when he gets into my car.  His not a fan of Mary Poppins music.  But Ben and I love sing and dance along to Mary in the car…. love ya Ben xoxo. Ben took the Mary Poppins CD to Kindy for show and tell.  His teacher played  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for the children to listen to.  Apparently Ben was getting upset with the children for not singing along.  You know cose everyone (especially 4 & 5 year olds) know the words to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious……… don’t they???  Bless him xoxo

After the show Mum and I headed back to the hotel for some room service and sleep.  We had a big day  to look forward to.  Apparently I snored and Mum didn’t get much sleep……. I don’t think so.  I think it was Mum waking herself up with her own snoring (hahahhahhaha!).  Anywho…… we both were a little tired the next morning.


But this did not stop us from shopping (well it might of slowed us down a little).  We shopped and had the most wonderful afternoon tea.  If you are local we totally recommend the indulgent chocolate high tea at the Stamford…..YUMMO!


Thanks Mum for a great weekend.  It was ……..


(except for the snoring xoxoxo) Love you Mum xoxo

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Calling All Hopeless Romantics!!!

I stumbled accross this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t normally even watch these videos and never repost them.  But this one …….. I can’t wipe the smile off my face and my eyes are full of happy tears.  I am a hopeless HOPELESS romantic.  I just had to share it with all my hopeless romantic buddies!

When you watch this video be sure to notice the lovely lady  in the top right corner.

Guaranteed to make you smile!!!

Thank you Isaac and your lovely lady  for sharing.

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Mummy’s Day

I was particularly spoilt this year.  My beautiful husband and little man definitely looked after me.  There was an extra early gift in a little green box with white ribbon. It sparkled! There was also a large gift that came in the mail the week before the special day.


And in YELLOW!!!  Hello LOVELY KitchenAid!!!  I know there is an unwritten rule that kitchen appliances are a big NO-NO for Mothers Day, Birthdays and Christmas….. but surely this is an exception?

Another lovely surprise came from Ben on Mother’s Day morning.  His hand made gift from Pre-Prep.  A portrait of me and  reasons why he loves me.  And just to share…… he loves me because I make pancakes, play Hide and Seek,  Trouble and  Lego!  Love you right back little guy!   I LOVE IT!!!


I also got breakfast in bed.  Ben insisted on having breakfast in bed with me.  That was interesting.   I am so glad he was sitting on Daddy’s side…… crumbs everywhere!!!  My breakfast was two slices of raisin toast (on a plastic Lightning McQueen plate) and a cup of my pretend coffee.  I felt like a queen!

After breaky it was off to Grasshopper Soccer with my boys.  It was Ben’s first day with his uniform and I didn’t want to miss that.  He was so excited.  He told me he was going to sleep in it every night.  He loves it.  I think he loves the uniform more than the soccer but I am sure that will change.


After soccer if was off to Bon Laneway.  The best coffee in Ipswich or hot chocolate as I don’t drink coffee (gasp….. I know.  I’m a freak!!). Yummmm!!!


In all seriousness, I thought I would struggle with Mothers Day this year.  But that was not the case.   I have had a  bit of a rough time of it in the last year.  Nothing earth shattering…… well maybe not for others but it did rock my world and not in a good way.   Mummy’s day could have been a time for me to sit and wallow about what could have been but instead I chose to be present in the life I have.  I chose  to celebrate being a Mum to my little man, to count my many blessings and to move forward!

A belated Happy Mothers Day to all of the beautiful Mums xo

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Oh yeah….. I have been a absent in the blogging world for a while but I think it is time for a return……….

Mum’s Kindy Day xo

Picnik collage

Mum’s Five Favorites on Roster Day

1.  Watching Ben play with his beautiful friends.

2.  Blowing bubbles with a group of children (always a delight).

3.  Watching the children sneak lollies while decorating their cakes.

4.  Watching Ben  listen, participate and enjoy the kindy program.

5.  Spending the day with his wonderful teachers – thank you for taking such good care of my boy xo

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