Mummy’s Day

I was particularly spoilt this year.  My beautiful husband and little man definitely looked after me.  There was an extra early gift in a little green box with white ribbon. It sparkled! There was also a large gift that came in the mail the week before the special day.


And in YELLOW!!!  Hello LOVELY KitchenAid!!!  I know there is an unwritten rule that kitchen appliances are a big NO-NO for Mothers Day, Birthdays and Christmas….. but surely this is an exception?

Another lovely surprise came from Ben on Mother’s Day morning.  His hand made gift from Pre-Prep.  A portrait of me and  reasons why he loves me.  And just to share…… he loves me because I make pancakes, play Hide and Seek,  Trouble and  Lego!  Love you right back little guy!   I LOVE IT!!!


I also got breakfast in bed.  Ben insisted on having breakfast in bed with me.  That was interesting.   I am so glad he was sitting on Daddy’s side…… crumbs everywhere!!!  My breakfast was two slices of raisin toast (on a plastic Lightning McQueen plate) and a cup of my pretend coffee.  I felt like a queen!

After breaky it was off to Grasshopper Soccer with my boys.  It was Ben’s first day with his uniform and I didn’t want to miss that.  He was so excited.  He told me he was going to sleep in it every night.  He loves it.  I think he loves the uniform more than the soccer but I am sure that will change.


After soccer if was off to Bon Laneway.  The best coffee in Ipswich or hot chocolate as I don’t drink coffee (gasp….. I know.  I’m a freak!!). Yummmm!!!


In all seriousness, I thought I would struggle with Mothers Day this year.  But that was not the case.   I have had a  bit of a rough time of it in the last year.  Nothing earth shattering…… well maybe not for others but it did rock my world and not in a good way.   Mummy’s day could have been a time for me to sit and wallow about what could have been but instead I chose to be present in the life I have.  I chose  to celebrate being a Mum to my little man, to count my many blessings and to move forward!

A belated Happy Mothers Day to all of the beautiful Mums xo

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Oh yeah….. I have been a absent in the blogging world for a while but I think it is time for a return……….

Mother’s Day

Picnik collage mothers day

I was a little bit spoilt this Mother’s Day…………

1.  Andrew used his new cooking abilities to make poached eggs….YUM!

2.  I got a knitty bitties camera strap.  I love it!!

3.  My Mum gave me ‘My Grandma’s Kitchen‘ by Louise Fulton Keats and Margaret Fulton.  It is a fabulous cookbook – amazing illustrations and recipes!!  I think Ben will eat nearly everything in it.   I am going to make Eggs in ramekins and Apple bircher muesli this weekend.

4.  Ben made me a wonderful picture at Kindy.  It is my favorite!

5.  I got to have a snooze after breakfast!!!  (because Ben had me up early to give me my presents!!)

6.  Andrew and Ben had been shopping.  They went to the Antique Centre.  Andrew gave Ben some money to spend and he picked me an old glass bottle and jar.  I love them.  Thanks boys xoxo

Picnik collage mothers day 2

7.  Dinner was already cooked …. thanks to cooking classes the previous day!!

8.  I got to read my book.  It is a fabulous book about one ladies love for her children – her birth children and adopted children.  I highly recommend it ‘Love Our Way – A Mother’s Story’ by Julia Rollings.

Thanks so much to by two beautiful boys for putting in the effort to make the day special.


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Gamma and Nanny xoxo

Ben made these portraits of his Grandmothers {who he refers to as Gamma and Nanny} for Mothers day.  They are seriously adorable and what makes them even more special is that Ben wrote his name of them.  The first time he has written is name.  What an achievement!!! I’m so proud!

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We wrapped them up, added a updated framed photos and a special card (available from here) …… HAPPY GAMMA AND NANNY’S DAY XOXO


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