Week 2 with Jamie – Soup and Salad…

Picnik collage Jamie\'s Ministry of Food week 2

WEEK TWO – Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ipswich – Soup & Salad

Some highlights from this week were  – a  tricky way to chop an onion, how to chop pretty carrots,  the claw chopping technique and how to make the tastiest Evolution Tomato Salad {seriously  so delicious!!!} .  The salad is referred as ‘evolution’ as you can eat it as a simple salad or step it up and make it into a meal.  Andrew and I will definitely make this again.  I am surprised I loved it so much considering it has olives and beans in it….. neither of which we eat regularly {But we will now!!}

The very talented Denalla  also guided us through making a Leek & Potato soup.  It is  a vegetable patch in a pot ….. and a little bit tasty.   We all took home a lovely pot of soup.  My four year old {who is slowly becoming a fabulous eater} ate it without much drama and gave Dad a thumbs up for his cooking ability…. Thanks Ben!!

Next week we are cooking breakfast – Smoothies, Porridge and French Toast…. super yum!!

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