Gentle Encouragement #2

It is birthday central at our house.   It’s all about family get togethers,  birthday surprises,  cards, cake making and lots of cake eating – myself, my Mum, my Dad, Andrew’s Mum, Andrew’s Dad and Andrew all have birthdays within four weeks.  Andrew’s Mum and Dad have been touring Europe this year so they celebrated without us!! But my point in all this is that there are many opportunities for Ben to use his lovely new stationary supplies to make cards etc for family.

I think Ben out did himself once again drawing a portrait of Gamma on her birthday card (I know I have my Mummy Goggles on!). If you know my Mum it even looks a little like her!!  He wasn’t very keen to make another card I have to say.  But he did because he would pretty much do anything for his Gamma.  She would and does play Lego with him all day long!!


Next up Andrew’s birthday.  What will we do for Daddy?

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Gamma’s Day at KINDY!

Picnik collage Gamma\'s Day

Ben took his Gamma (Grandma) to Kindy today for Under 8’s Day.  Gamma got to meet Ben’s lovely teachers and play with Ben and his friends.  I am not sure Gamma is into climbing on the fort though!!  The teachers had organised lots of lovely activities – kite making, clay modeling, gluing, bubble blowing, spray bottle painting, threading, painting……. Ben made a kite, did some painting but enjoyed playing of the fort the most (his favorite thing in the world!).  All the children and Grandparents shared in a wonderful morning of play and a lovely morning tea.  Our sensitive little petal got upset as the morning came to an end and the children became a little rowdy.  He is now half asleep on the lounge all snug under a blanket.  Thanks to Ben’s teachers and Gamma for a lovely morning xo

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Gamma and Nanny xoxo

Ben made these portraits of his Grandmothers {who he refers to as Gamma and Nanny} for Mothers day.  They are seriously adorable and what makes them even more special is that Ben wrote his name of them.  The first time he has written is name.  What an achievement!!! I’m so proud!

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We wrapped them up, added a updated framed photos and a special card (available from here) …… HAPPY GAMMA AND NANNY’S DAY XOXO


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