Mummy’s Day

I was particularly spoilt this year.  My beautiful husband and little man definitely looked after me.  There was an extra early gift in a little green box with white ribbon. It sparkled! There was also a large gift that came in the mail the week before the special day.


And in YELLOW!!!  Hello LOVELY KitchenAid!!!  I know there is an unwritten rule that kitchen appliances are a big NO-NO for Mothers Day, Birthdays and Christmas….. but surely this is an exception?

Another lovely surprise came from Ben on Mother’s Day morning.  His hand made gift from Pre-Prep.  A portrait of me and  reasons why he loves me.  And just to share…… he loves me because I make pancakes, play Hide and Seek,  Trouble and  Lego!  Love you right back little guy!   I LOVE IT!!!


I also got breakfast in bed.  Ben insisted on having breakfast in bed with me.  That was interesting.   I am so glad he was sitting on Daddy’s side…… crumbs everywhere!!!  My breakfast was two slices of raisin toast (on a plastic Lightning McQueen plate) and a cup of my pretend coffee.  I felt like a queen!

After breaky it was off to Grasshopper Soccer with my boys.  It was Ben’s first day with his uniform and I didn’t want to miss that.  He was so excited.  He told me he was going to sleep in it every night.  He loves it.  I think he loves the uniform more than the soccer but I am sure that will change.


After soccer if was off to Bon Laneway.  The best coffee in Ipswich or hot chocolate as I don’t drink coffee (gasp….. I know.  I’m a freak!!). Yummmm!!!


In all seriousness, I thought I would struggle with Mothers Day this year.  But that was not the case.   I have had a  bit of a rough time of it in the last year.  Nothing earth shattering…… well maybe not for others but it did rock my world and not in a good way.   Mummy’s day could have been a time for me to sit and wallow about what could have been but instead I chose to be present in the life I have.  I chose  to celebrate being a Mum to my little man, to count my many blessings and to move forward!

A belated Happy Mothers Day to all of the beautiful Mums xo

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Oh yeah….. I have been a absent in the blogging world for a while but I think it is time for a return……….

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