Mother’s Day

Picnik collage mothers day

I was a little bit spoilt this Mother’s Day…………

1.  Andrew used his new cooking abilities to make poached eggs….YUM!

2.  I got a knitty bitties camera strap.  I love it!!

3.  My Mum gave me ‘My Grandma’s Kitchen‘ by Louise Fulton Keats and Margaret Fulton.  It is a fabulous cookbook – amazing illustrations and recipes!!  I think Ben will eat nearly everything in it.   I am going to make Eggs in ramekins and Apple bircher muesli this weekend.

4.  Ben made me a wonderful picture at Kindy.  It is my favorite!

5.  I got to have a snooze after breakfast!!!  (because Ben had me up early to give me my presents!!)

6.  Andrew and Ben had been shopping.  They went to the Antique Centre.  Andrew gave Ben some money to spend and he picked me an old glass bottle and jar.  I love them.  Thanks boys xoxo

Picnik collage mothers day 2

7.  Dinner was already cooked …. thanks to cooking classes the previous day!!

8.  I got to read my book.  It is a fabulous book about one ladies love for her children – her birth children and adopted children.  I highly recommend it ‘Love Our Way – A Mother’s Story’ by Julia Rollings.

Thanks so much to by two beautiful boys for putting in the effort to make the day special.


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A True Aussie – My First Pavlova

We were heading out to our friends for dinner and I wanted to take something along.  I didn’t want to pick something up from the supermarket…. I wanted to make something.   Something homemade with a little love!  It feels like forever since I had time to enjoy being in the kitchen.  I have a little more time up my sleeve now with Ben being older and with not working.  I had a million eggs from our girls so I decided to give a great Australian desert a go.  I was set to cook my first Pavlova.  And not the instant one out of the Pavlova egg!!!   I have grown up eating pavlova but never made one myself.   I was pretty excited.  So onto the internet I jumped and found non other than Margaret Fulton’s Pavlova.  I didn’t make the cherry sauce.  I am more a whipped cream and strawberry girl on my pavlova.  I  took  some  snaps  of the process just  so those disbelievers could see I really did it.


The ingredients…. just egg whites, caster sugar, vanilla extract and vinegar.  Sounds so easy!!!  Don’t forget the strawberries and whipped cream for the top.


Whipping up the egg whites and sugar.  I had never whipped egg whites before.  It tasted so good!!  YUMMO!!


All whipped up and ready to go in the oven.  At this point I was standing a little taller, chest puffed out… proud of myself.  Ben was also having a fabulous time licking the bowl!!


And presto….an hour and a half later…… the final product.  Oh my goodness I don’t mean to boast but what a master piece!!!  It was so easy too.  I definitely recommend giving it a go.  It was a hit!!

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