Diving In, Ready…….or Not!

Its June 4th 2010 and I can’t stop thinking about the little business I hope to begin – a little dream really.  Just something simple.  A studio in the garage and selling my wares at the Handmade Expo.   I don’t expect to make millions but to have a little joy doing what I love.  If I was to make a little money that would be nice too!!   I am nervous, scared and excited.  I hope that the creative mojo I once thought I possessed was not in my mind and I can indeed harness it and produce some old fashioned fabulous toys.  I am hoping to make cubby houses  that fit over your dining room table or card table, tee pees, fabric puppet theatres, hop scotch mats and maybe hobby horses. …………….   Deep Breath!!!!  Wow it is out there!  I have said it and now I need to make it a reality.  First thing…….. a name and funding.  I am probably heading back to the classroom next term to cover the funding ……. another Deep Breath!  Only for short time to get the dollars organised so I can fund my project. My dream is to work from home so I can be the best Mum to Ben I can be.  As for the name……mmmmmmm……… not going that well there.  I want something that captures the essence of childhood play.  We are still tinkering.  These are some early ideas – SMILE+LAUGH+PLAY, Play the Old Fashioned Way, Old Fashioned Fun, and Aunty Bee’s.  All ideas welcome….. please.

I have to thank some really wonderful people for inspiring me…… Tam for sourcing the most inspiring, sensational and extraordinary toys  in her shop – Billycarts and Ballerinas.  It is truely fabulous and if you haven’t been for a visit it is a must.  For me it is like stepping into a fairytale.   Claire for always being a positive voice in my head – thank you thank you thank you.   My Mum for encouraging me to orgainise the garage and  set up a studio.  My wonderful husband who believes I can do anything and of course my beautiful little man Ben who reminds me that childhood is an amazing place every single day.

Fingers crossed that in the next six months……. I get myself organised.