The Magic Touch

Children love to play hide and seek and Ben is no exception.  He particularly enjoys playing in the cupboards at Aunty Claire’s house.  Today Ben and Hugo were having a ball hiding in the cupboard when little fingers got jammed in the door.  Unfortunately this is the downside to hiding in the cupboard but WILL NEVER deter a serious player! On this occasion Ben was a little upset and my kisses didn’t seem to calm the tears.  Uncle Al saved the day.  He spoke to Ben so gently, took his little hand, enveloped in his big hands around Ben’s and blew a magic breath on his finger.  WOW……  it was so sweet and worked a treat.  Thanks Uncle Al that is a keeper.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Touch”

  1. Aww how cute! I didn’t even know that had happened! There is something special about big Daddy/Uncle hands.

  2. I remember it clearly, even to this day – I jammed my finger in a door hinge at the Dorney Building in Chincilla. I was with a friend, it was a complete accident but the door latch even clicked close & I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much it hurt at the time. Anything to help a youngan out so that might be diminished, even just a touch, is worth it I think.

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