dig, plant, water, grow, harvest, chop and cook

YAY it’s my favorite time of the year…. Spring!  The air smells sweet and the nights are warmer.  It’s time for BBQ’s and vegetable gardens!!!


We (well I do)  have big plans for the vegetable garden this spring.  I am hoping my thumbs are a little greener this season!  I will be keeping  Andrew busy building  one (or even two) more raised garden beds.  I have already purchased my Heirloom Seeds (traditional cultivators of food plants that were bred for their flavor, disease resistance, adaption to various local conditions and for their long harvesting period.  These are not hybrids.  Australia is a leader in ‘saving’ these seeds and reintroducing them into the market.  The seeds from heirloom fruits and vegetables can be saved and replanted the following season).   I also purchased the ‘bible’ of all home gardeners and home cooks – Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion.   We are hoping to grow over Spring and Summer:

a herb garden (it’s just ridiculous what we pay for fresh herbs at the supermarket!), cos lettuce, a few varieties of climbing beans, jap pumpkins, carrots, passionfruit, sweet corn, lebanese cucumbers, oxheart tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, capsicums, zucchinis and golden squash.

It may sound a little ambitious but we’ll give it a good go.  I will need to figure out how to keep the Australian King Parrots out of the vegetable patch this time around.  If you have any tips for us we would love to hear them.

This weekend we will be digging, planting, and watering.  We hope to share the growing, harvesting, chopping and cooking with you soon.  I just can’t wait to share our harvest and cooking with family and friends.  There is something a little magical about growing your own fruit and vegetables xo

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Salt Beach with Family

Salt beach at Kingscliff is one of my very favorite places.  It has something magical about it.  While on our recent holiday we were joined on Saturday morning by two of Andrew’s brothers and their beautiful families.  We had the most lovely morning (especially for a winter morning) at the beach ……… I wished it didn’t have to end.


Andrew’s youngest brother Alistair and Hugo.


Alistair, Hugo, Evie and Al’s wife Claire.  Notice the kids have ditched their pants!


Look here  –  Evie’s first steps on the beach!!


This is Cameron and his wife Tina. Cameron is also Andrew’s younger brother but they are the closest in age.  They got up to all kinds of mischief as kids!


Tom  and Cameron.  Go TOM!!


Cameron and Tom (after Cameron dried off hehehh).


Cam and Tina’s daughter Maggie having a wonderful wonderful time!!


The three big cousins having a paddle.  I have no idea what I did when I took this photo ….. but I love it!


My beautiful boys Andrew and Ben…… love them to bits xo

We missed Andrew’s eldest brother Phil, his wife Tam and their baby girl Grace.  It won’t be long before Grace is running on the beach with all her cousins!!

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Linking with the Ginger Bread Girl – Sweet Saturday xo

The Magic Touch

Children love to play hide and seek and Ben is no exception.  He particularly enjoys playing in the cupboards at Aunty Claire’s house.  Today Ben and Hugo were having a ball hiding in the cupboard when little fingers got jammed in the door.  Unfortunately this is the downside to hiding in the cupboard but WILL NEVER deter a serious player! On this occasion Ben was a little upset and my kisses didn’t seem to calm the tears.  Uncle Al saved the day.  He spoke to Ben so gently, took his little hand, enveloped in his big hands around Ben’s and blew a magic breath on his finger.  WOW……  it was so sweet and worked a treat.  Thanks Uncle Al that is a keeper.