dig, plant, water, grow, harvest, chop and cook

YAY it’s my favorite time of the year…. Spring!  The air smells sweet and the nights are warmer.  It’s time for BBQ’s and vegetable gardens!!!


We (well I do)  have big plans for the vegetable garden this spring.  I am hoping my thumbs are a little greener this season!  I will be keeping  Andrew busy building  one (or even two) more raised garden beds.  I have already purchased my Heirloom Seeds (traditional cultivators of food plants that were bred for their flavor, disease resistance, adaption to various local conditions and for their long harvesting period.  These are not hybrids.  Australia is a leader in ‘saving’ these seeds and reintroducing them into the market.  The seeds from heirloom fruits and vegetables can be saved and replanted the following season).   I also purchased the ‘bible’ of all home gardeners and home cooks – Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion.   We are hoping to grow over Spring and Summer:

a herb garden (it’s just ridiculous what we pay for fresh herbs at the supermarket!), cos lettuce, a few varieties of climbing beans, jap pumpkins, carrots, passionfruit, sweet corn, lebanese cucumbers, oxheart tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, capsicums, zucchinis and golden squash.

It may sound a little ambitious but we’ll give it a good go.  I will need to figure out how to keep the Australian King Parrots out of the vegetable patch this time around.  If you have any tips for us we would love to hear them.

This weekend we will be digging, planting, and watering.  We hope to share the growing, harvesting, chopping and cooking with you soon.  I just can’t wait to share our harvest and cooking with family and friends.  There is something a little magical about growing your own fruit and vegetables xo

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  1. I just bought our seeds today, ready for a very similar weekend at our place! We are lovers of fresh grown herbs, Blake is the ‘King’ at growing strawberries, we’ve been using a cap full of beer to keep the slugs and snails at bay. No ideas for the king parrots though.

  2. You are inspiring me to at least think about doing our vegie/herb garden. We buy a LOT of herbs, chillies and vegies and to be honest they are really not that great quality and is it just me or do they not last as long in the fridge any more. As you know I am an ‘all or nothing’ personality so I am not ready yet to only do it half-heartedly. So when we are ready to take the plunge, we will be seeking your advice B, our own little veggie garden guru 🙂

  3. how exciting! we live in a downtown apartment, no yard. i am a wee jealous of your planting! and i am gonna look up those parrots, i bet they are pretty;)
    that little book sounds neat.
    happy spring! xo

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