Salt Beach with Family

Salt beach at Kingscliff is one of my very favorite places.  It has something magical about it.  While on our recent holiday we were joined on Saturday morning by two of Andrew’s brothers and their beautiful families.  We had the most lovely morning (especially for a winter morning) at the beach ……… I wished it didn’t have to end.


Andrew’s youngest brother Alistair and Hugo.


Alistair, Hugo, Evie and Al’s wife Claire.  Notice the kids have ditched their pants!


Look here  –  Evie’s first steps on the beach!!


This is Cameron and his wife Tina. Cameron is also Andrew’s younger brother but they are the closest in age.  They got up to all kinds of mischief as kids!


Tom  and Cameron.  Go TOM!!


Cameron and Tom (after Cameron dried off hehehh).


Cam and Tina’s daughter Maggie having a wonderful wonderful time!!


The three big cousins having a paddle.  I have no idea what I did when I took this photo ….. but I love it!


My beautiful boys Andrew and Ben…… love them to bits xo

We missed Andrew’s eldest brother Phil, his wife Tam and their baby girl Grace.  It won’t be long before Grace is running on the beach with all her cousins!!

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  1. What a fun morning! The kids just loved the beach. We must go for day visits there more often.

  2. thank you so much for linking up! I hope to see you next week! I loved your sweet pictures!

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