Thank You xo

We really felt the need to thank three lovely ladies that helped bring Bonnie home to us this week.  To often I think good deeds  get overlooked.  So we loaded up with boxes of cup cakes from our local cup cake guru and Andrew, Ben and I headed out to personally thank some special people. A box of cup cakes hardly seems enough to say thanks but it makes a super afternoon tea!

Our first stop was the local Council office.  We sadly didn’t get to meet the wonderful Nicole who took our phone calls and rung us with the wonderful news.  We are thankful to you xo.  Our next stop the lovely lady who found Bonnie whose names still escapes me.  We are thankful to you that you stopped from your busy life and did this good deed.  Finally we stopped at my Mum’s.  Mum did everything she could to find Bonnie…. so very thankful xoxo.

15920963492.jpg 15921006048.jpg


I hope you all enjoyed your afternoon tea!

Thanks also to everyone who text messages of support,  left messages on Facebook and especially those who kept an eye out for our Bonnie.


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