Cousin’s Day!

Don’t you  just love  adventures!  It was  lovely that all the cousins could meet up for a play today.    They traveled  from Chinchilla, Gold Coast and Ipswich for a play at Queens Park Toowoomba. Fortunately Toowoomba (a city not known for its fabulous weather) blessed us with her very best today!!!  The kids had a ball – we had swings, sausages rolls and sabers!!  It’s funny that they don’t see each other often  but they really do have a connection.  There is something very special about family xoxo

I dusted off my Nikon today.  Here they are – the youngest Lattimore to the oldest Lattimore:


Evie (with her Mummy)









Here’s hoping for many more adventures at the park!

my name.jpg

Screen shot 2011-03-12 at 3.13.38 PM.png

5 thoughts on “Cousin’s Day!”

  1. Love Cousin Day! What a lovely get together.
    Hugs & Kisses to Evie, Hugo & Ben !

  2. aww, Ben and his sweet cousins are adorable! I am glad to meet you and look forward to being fast bloggy friends! 🙂
    (your hoop art swap partner)

  3. It looks as if you all had a ball. The cousins are growing so fast, enjoy every day!!!!

  4. Geez those gorgeous kiddies must come from good breeding stock or something?! What a beautiful bunch! We are so lucky they are all such great mates and love playing together. I really need to get me a fancy camera like yours so that you can teach me how to use it and take amazing photos! 🙂

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