As an Early Childhood Teacher I have always thought ‘colouring’ to be developmentally a waste of time.  But as a parent I have wished Ben would just sit still and colour even for a just five minutes!  Well today we coloured with a purpose….. labels for our garden.  Ben coloured in the labels for the vegetable patch. (oh and I am sorry about those finger nails – we had been digging in the garden!!)



What a champion…… however he did ask for the ipod when he had finished because he had done such hard work!  My son the master manipulator!!

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One thought on “Colouring!”

  1. Belinda, my mother, also with an early childhood teaching background, is also often scathing of colouring books and the like. But as it is now one of the rare times that Beth is silent (well, it’s all relative!), I’m all for them!

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