Star Wars on a Plate

 I was excited when we picked up this today.


Ben’s very first drawn melamine plate.  Trudy’s daughters Kindy was collecting orders for their fundraiser and I couldn’t resist.  Ben drew the pictures in September when his Star Wars interest was still at it’s peak.  What am I saying……. he still loves Star Wars. He has drawn Jango Fett, General Grievous and Princess Leia.   Our pictures were on paper and now….voila……. they are on a plate!  I’m not sure Ben is as excited about it as I am?!

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Ben’s Favorite Things

Ben has been a busy little man the last few weeks.  I can’t believe he is four and three months.  He used to fit in my arms!!   Here are a few of his favorite things:


The Nintendo DS…… playing Star Wars Lego!! (I’m not loving this interest!)


The Flying Fox.  He loves it.  We can’t go outside at the moment without having a go.


Reading Eggs on the computer.  A fun children’s program introducing phonics.  Ben is very fond of the letter ‘B’.


Drawing Star Wars Lego men.


Lego, Lego and more Lego. Especially Lego with Light Sabers.


Numbers!!  Ben is all about counting and pointing out numerals.  He showed me this number 7 (the path) when I picked him up from Kindy last week.


And his very favorite thing is his Anakin Skywalker Pez Dispenser.  Oh how he loves it!!  I think he is pretty keen of the lollies that go in it too.

There is still a keen interest in Star Wars…… did you notice?   The ‘FORCE’ is still strong with this little padawan!!!

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I HEART Star Wars

Picnik collage star wars 2

It seems that lately all I blog about is Star Wars.  But that is my world right now.  From the time we get up in the morning to the time Ben goes to bed we seem to leave planet earth (in our X Wing) and head off on adventures to  the far away galaxies of Star Wars.  We meet all kinds of wonderful people and creatures.  This morning we met Jabba and Han Solo in carbonite!!  I do sometimes curse all that is Star Wars (especially when it is early morning, before coffee and Ben can’t find Anakin’s lego head!!).  But really I love it!  I love watching, discovering, exploring, imagining, dressing up and playing in the Star Wars world of a four year old.

So does that mean I am becoming ‘Strong with the Force’ ?

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My Name is Luke….


Apparently Ben has changed his name!!

We popped into  visit Uncle Cam in his city retreat while he recuperates from surgery.  Uncle Cam was talking to someone who Ben did not know when Ben confidently introduces himself…. except  he says ‘Hello my name is Luke’.  To which Uncle Cam smiles and says ‘Are you sure your name is not Ben?’ .  Ben just shrugged and smiled.  I can just picture it as I am sure a pretend blaster gun was pulled from his pocket at the same time duzs..duzs.duzs…..duzs. For those who are saying ‘Who is Luke?’.  It is of course the one and only LUKE SKYWALKER the ultimate Star Wars Jedi Knight!!!

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