10 thoughts on “The Big Day”

  1. I fainted with delight! That cake makes me speechless – one second i was nodding to myself “yes, i like the idea, big, simple, still has a theme” then “POW” rainbow socked in the eye!!!!! Hooly dooly, bet you got lots of ooohs and aaahs! Amazing

  2. Wowee!! That cake is amazing. Looks like you guys had a great day. Cool outfits too Ben and Andrew xo

  3. We thought it was only Ben who was into the “Jedi” thing but I can see we got that quite wrong, Mumma Mia is right there as well ! Any way, well done and it appears that age shall be no barrier!

  4. The cube figures are great. They look good on the cake. I love the picture of Ben and Andrew. A great time had by all.

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