Ben’s Favorite Things

Ben has been a busy little man the last few weeks.  I can’t believe he is four and three months.  He used to fit in my arms!!   Here are a few of his favorite things:


The Nintendo DS…… playing Star Wars Lego!! (I’m not loving this interest!)


The Flying Fox.  He loves it.  We can’t go outside at the moment without having a go.


Reading Eggs on the computer.  A fun children’s program introducing phonics.  Ben is very fond of the letter ‘B’.


Drawing Star Wars Lego men.


Lego, Lego and more Lego. Especially Lego with Light Sabers.


Numbers!!  Ben is all about counting and pointing out numerals.  He showed me this number 7 (the path) when I picked him up from Kindy last week.


And his very favorite thing is his Anakin Skywalker Pez Dispenser.  Oh how he loves it!!  I think he is pretty keen of the lollies that go in it too.

There is still a keen interest in Star Wars…… did you notice?   The ‘FORCE’ is still strong with this little padawan!!!

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My Kind of Eye Candy….Mmmmm!

I love love love love online shopping!!  I am attempting to limit my online shopping…..oh it is sooo hard.  But here are some online discoveries I am loving. I thought if I add them to my blog – it might feel like retail therapy.  I’m just looking  not buying (well mostly xoxo)!


I just love these Mary-Jane slippers, especially since the weather is just cooling off a little.  They are available here.


This just tickled my fancy….. me and chickens….. who would have thought.  But I love them and can just picture this in my home.  It is available here.


I am looking for some invitations for Ben’s birthday party (about four weeks away).  I thought these looked cute.  They are here.

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Aren’t these seriously super cute.  Don’t ask me what I would do with them…. but I love them.  Ben would love them, they are about lego man size!  You can get them here.


I just love these peg clips.  I have the perfect spot for them over the computer….. but I am just looking.  They are from here.

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I am really loving these stamps and think maybe they would fit in with my new business labeling …. somehow?  They are also from here.




It is not secret that I love bunting….. everyone should.  It just makes me smile.  I am going to make some cake bunting for Ben’s birthday cake (Star Wars colours unfortunately!!).  These are available here, here and here.


Finally, I couldn’t resist this shirt for Ben.  I did actually purchase it.  It’s from my favorite ever t shirt designer ….Well Spotted and is available here.

This has felt a little like shopping…… well kind of.  Enjoy my kind of Candy!

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I am going to link up with Paisley Jade today (one of my favorite blogs!!)  –  Things I am loving.

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