I HEART Star Wars

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It seems that lately all I blog about is Star Wars.  But that is my world right now.  From the time we get up in the morning to the time Ben goes to bed we seem to leave planet earth (in our X Wing) and head off on adventures to  the far away galaxies of Star Wars.  We meet all kinds of wonderful people and creatures.  This morning we met Jabba and Han Solo in carbonite!!  I do sometimes curse all that is Star Wars (especially when it is early morning, before coffee and Ben can’t find Anakin’s lego head!!).  But really I love it!  I love watching, discovering, exploring, imagining, dressing up and playing in the Star Wars world of a four year old.

So does that mean I am becoming ‘Strong with the Force’ ?

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3 thoughts on “I HEART Star Wars”

  1. haha – we have Star Wars lego everywhere at the moment so I feel your pain! I have such awesome memories of enjoying my brother’s Star Wars toys as a kid too.

  2. I think its great Belinda – our little ones go through phases and its good to follow their passions – what they really love to do. Jayden’s world is at the moment dominated by Roary the Racing Car – he sings the whole tune out loud and re-enacts scenes from different episodes on his Roary car set. He still loves Thomas too – Misty Island.

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