Well I had a top weekend at Bathurst camping on Mt Panorama with a bunch of great guys (sorry no gals, it was a boys only event).

The group call themselves the “Linguine Drivers Club” and are basically just a collection of motorsport nuts that make the pilgrimage to Bathurst each year in pursuit of a fun weekend.

We travelled by bus (coach) from the Gold Coast via the coastal route, down to Sydney then west over the Blue Mountains and Lithgow to Bathurst.  A long trip (14h), but made easier by the on board entertainment (aided by a bit of alcohol).

Once on site the camp was erected in very short time due to the use of four “quick-shades” rather than tents.  Very bloody handy and worth looking into for your next camping trip.

Quick-Shades rather than Tents

Here are a few of the first batch from Friday I have uploaded into Flickr now moved into Picasaweb (slideshow below) cos I like it better ;).

I will post more over the next few days, keep checking back.

I am trying out a few different online photo sharing apps. This one is Picasaweb by Google. I think I like it.

Linguine Drivers Club Fun.



Sunday photos of raceday coming soon ! now uploaded !

Oliver and Benjamin…. trouble!

Ben’s loves to have his cousin (honorary) come and play. On this particular day the boys got grubby so a bath was needed before dinner. Oliver is toilet training and went to the toilet before his bath. The boys were having a great time in the bath and Oliver said ‘Toilet Mummy’ followed a short time later by ‘wee-wee….toooo late’. Emily and I both immediately looked at Ben and said ‘Don’t drink the bath water’. Kids you gotta love them!

Walking, who thought it could be so much fun!

Ben has been on a journey of discovery since he found his feet. People would say to me ‘you won’t know what hit you when he starts to walk’, ‘you’ll wish he never starting moving’, etc. But I love the walking and so does Ben. It is so much fun and it sure beats the frustration of not walking. He is such a happy boy puddling around with whatever he can get his hands on. I am such a proud mum watching him walk…. I never thought it was going to happen.

Helping Dad….. well kinda!!!

Ben loves to play outside. He particular loves Daddy’s motorbike. He has fiddly fingers and will play with all kinds of things – rocks, tools, pegs, sticks, bolts, locks ect. This weekend while outside with Dad Ben decided it would be fun to post a peg in Daddy’s motorbike exhaust…. Oh Dear! Ben had a great time with Dad while they pulled the bike apart to get it out.

Hail !

This afternoon we had a ripper hail storm. The storm came generally from the south west but when it hit the hail appeared to be coming from every direction. Luckily our only casualty was the peg basket which was hanging from the clothes line. The largest hail was about 30mm in diameter. The noise on our tin roof was unbelievable.