Birthday Excitement!


Oh how I love birthdays!!!  The excitement in our house is starting to build for Ben’s big 4th birthday  Yesterday I put a birthday message on the community blackboard .  I got in early this year…. it is a busy time of year for birthdays in our neighborhood and every year we miss out.  Today is birthday cupcakes at Pre-Prep.  Oh yummy….. lots of cupcake goodness!!!  Party on Saturday…… bring it on!!! (oh I  so hope it all goes smoothly)



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Happy Mum!!!

Ben has been attending our local C&K Pre-Prep five days a fortnight for seven weeks now .  I was very nervous about how Ben would go.    But  I couldn’t be more impressed!!    His teacher is amazing and he loves her!  He asks every morning if today is his Pre-Prep day and is truly disappointed when it isn’t.  He has made a lovely little friend  and they are like two peas in a pod!!  I had a peak at his folio this week…. fabulous!!!  A happy little man makes a Very Happy Mum!!!

This afternoon the parents were invited to come after Pre-Prep for a coffee afternoon.  It was lovely….. so many lovely people.  It was made even more special by a sweet surprise…….each parent got a coffee mug decorated by their child to use when they visit.  Oh I just love it!!!  Being a Mum  is so much fun – I feel so lucky and blessed!!


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What Will Monday Bring?

I know it happens to every mum. I know I’ll survive.  But my little boy heads to Pre-Prep (Kindergarten) on Monday!! He will be three years and eight months old. He is my little boy but insists of telling me he is a BIG boy now!! I am excited, nervous, sad, but also happy. I pray that we have made the right choice of school, that he will make friends, that he likes his teachers, that he will find the toilet, that he will pack up, that he will use a nice voice, that he will share/take turns…….. BUT really I hope he loves it and has fun!! We have met his teachers.  We have played in his classroom.  We have practiced eating out of the lunch box. I have made the Kindy sheets (which are very cute). We have our uniform. And will do a last minute drive by on Sunday to refresh Ben’s memory. He doesn’t really say much but seems to be excited.  Here he is practicing how to eat using a lunch box.


On Monday I will wear my sunglasses and hide my tears. Better still I will try not to cry until I reach the car. I am not even sure what the tears are all about…. but I am a little emotional just writing this. I think the tears are all about …… I love my not so little boy Ben xo.