Happy Mum!!!

Ben has been attending our local C&K Pre-Prep five days a fortnight for seven weeks now .  I was very nervous about how Ben would go.    But  I couldn’t be more impressed!!    His teacher is amazing and he loves her!  He asks every morning if today is his Pre-Prep day and is truly disappointed when it isn’t.  He has made a lovely little friend  and they are like two peas in a pod!!  I had a peak at his folio this week…. fabulous!!!  A happy little man makes a Very Happy Mum!!!

This afternoon the parents were invited to come after Pre-Prep for a coffee afternoon.  It was lovely….. so many lovely people.  It was made even more special by a sweet surprise…….each parent got a coffee mug decorated by their child to use when they visit.  Oh I just love it!!!  Being a Mum  is so much fun – I feel so lucky and blessed!!


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