Just Some Weekend Baking….

Last weekend Ben and I made Daddy some Kiwi Crisps….. his favorite biscuits.  They are a family recipe from his Mum, Jude.  Ben had an absolute ball helping.  Especially when I let him open the blocks of chocolate and break it into pieces.  He nibbled away on any pieces that didn’t break into exact squares.  I suggested to him a number of times that maybe he should stop eating the chocolate but he insisted that they had to be the correct shape and he just needed to nibble a little bit!!



They are just so good I have to share the recipe.

KIWI CRISPS (A secret family recipe….. shhh)

125g butter
60g sugar
2 tablespoon condensed milk
280g of flour
1 block of dark chocolate

1.       Cream together butter & sugar
2.       Add milk, flour  & chocolate
3.       Roll into small balls and flatten slightly with fork
4.       Bake for 15-20 minutes at 180c


These taste even better when shared with family and friends oxo

(Thanks to Claire who continually provides me with the recipe as I misplace it a lot!)

Cousin Hugo Turns 2!

DSC_2043.JPGIt was with much excitement Ben (and his Mum and Dad) journeyed to the Gold Coast for Hugo’s second birthday.  Children’s birthdays remind me of all the excitement of childhood.  Hugo’s day was filled with presents,  bubbles, running, superheroes, swings, kisses, cuddles, cake, cheezels, friends and family. Ben had an amazing time playing with Hugo and Oliver, especially helping with the presents (sometimes a little tooo forcefully!).  Hugo is such an amazing little man with so many people who love and care for him.  It was our pleasure to be part of his special day xoxo.

DSC_1984.JPG DSC_2056.JPG DSC_2045.JPG