Baking for Play School

As I have already blogged Ben’s Kindy hosted the Play School Concert.  Part of the role as hosts was to provide a simply morning tea for the cast and crew of seven people (including ALEX!!!).  I sat in the committee meeting listening to everyone talk about it for thirty minutes but no one volunteered to make it.  It was even suggested we buy something from Coles…!!!!  Well no one was going to feed the Play School Cast rubbish from Coles so I volunteered.  Another lady volunteered to provide a fruit platter.   I can bake but I am no genius baker.  My mother-in-law is the queen of baking!!  It was just a pitty she was overseas!!

Ben and I decided to bake our all time family favorite Kiwi Crisps (chocolate chunk cookies), Apple crumble muffins (a home made apple muffin with Bette’s Crumble) and Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies from my new cookbook. Ben helped me a little before he went to bed.  He loves to bake…. well he loves to steal the chocolate and eat it!!

I think the final product turned out ok.  If nothing else it looked good.  I didn’t hear of any food poisoning cases …..thank goodness!!!

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A Pyjama Angel

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“We each have an enormous capacity to make a difference and The Pyjama Foundation is actually doing that; changing the world, one child at a time”  Bryce Courtenay AM

Yesterday I opened a new and exciting door in my life.  I had my interview to become a ‘Pyjama Angel’.  What is a ‘Pyjama Angel’ I hear you say?.   It is  a Volunteer from the community that is  recruited, screened, trained and supported to help  children improve their literacy skills.  You must commit to one hour each week to read aloud to the same child – a child placed in Foster Care.  You go to the child’s home and share a wonderful hour reading and playing literacy/numeracy games.  It can be as easy as reading a picture book together and playing a game of  UNO.  But what is important is that you are there, with a very special child, giving them your attention and making reading a positive experience.  ‘Pyjama Angels deliver The Pyjama Foundation Love of Learning Program®, a literacy-based mentoring program which addresses statistics around children in care:

  • 92% of children in care are below the average reading level at age seven
  • 75% of these children do not complete schooling
  • 50% of the homeless come from a care background
  • 35% enter the juvenile justice system at some point (82% of Australian prisoners have below grade 4 level of functional literacy)
  • 28% of care-leavers are parents within 12 months of leaving care

There are around 31,000 children in care in Australia, a figure which doubled in the last decade. Indigenous children vastly over-represented.’

I still have to complete one evening of training before I start.  Corrin our Ipswich Coordinator will then place me with a child and  then the fun begins.  I am really excited.  I have  shelves full of books and cupboards full of games now that I am not teaching.  Ben and I of coarse enjoy using them but the ‘more the merrier’ they say.  I love to read stories aloud – it was my favorite time of the day as a teacher and now it is amazing to read with my son.  I am so excited to share my love of books with another little person who may not have experienced such joy before.   I will keep you updated – no names or photos  just wonderful stories!!

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There are people with games…..

‘Play School aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine.’

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Yesterday was our third Play School concert and it did not disappoint.   Alex and Emma took us on an adventure to Prince Big Ted’s castle.  Alex was just spectacular…. as always!

This year Ben’s Kindergarten hosted the concert.  It was our fundraiser…. YAY!!  What an amazing fundraiser.  Just another reason why I think Ben goes to the BEST Kindy!  Ben’s whole class went to the concert together.  Along with his wonderful teachers and many parent and grandparent helpers (Thanks Gamma!).  It was just so lovely.  Aunty Claire, Hugo and Evie along with Aunty Em, Ollie and Milla joined in the fun.

Ben enjoyed the concert this year – snuggled in my lap, laughing and listening (but no singing or dancing!!).  I sang and would have loved to get up and dance!  It is no secret that I LOVE PLAY SCHOOL.  I don’t think you can be an Early Childhood Teacher and not love it.  I really enjoyed sharing this experience with my little man – Big Ted, Jemima and Humpty.  It is just something so special.  He will probably never know what it meant to me but I will treasure it forever.  xoxoxo

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There is a Bear in there…

And a Chair as well…
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Week 3 with Jamie – Breakfast…

Porridge, Frozen Fruit Smoothies and Banana & Blueberry French Toast were on the menu this week – I have never really made successful porridge before (not counting microwave porridge, real porridge in a pot!).  We love a good smoothy in our house ( but normally get them from Boost Juice).  But I do make a mean french toast with thick sliced tomato!   But of coarse in true Jamie style his recipes are a little different and always include a twist on what is the ‘norm’.

Andrew and I didn’t really have success with our porridge in class.  We didn’t cook it enough and it was a little chewy – Not so pleasant to eat!  Jamie’s smoothies have oats and nuts in them.  It gives a very different texture.  Andrew liked it…. I’m not so sure.  But OH MY GOODNESS the french toast is to die for.  It is definitely a sometimes food but a french toast sandwich with blueberries and banana….. so good!!!

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I was determine not to let the porridge beat me so this morning it was porridge for breakfast.  Ben was keen to help – he chopped the banana with his special knife.  He did keep asking me to clean his knife but I just kept telling him it was ok…. it was just banana.  At one point he wandered off and was found in the bathroom cleaning his knife on his bath towel….ewwww!!!  Not sure what he was thinking but we had a little chat about that!!  Once the porridge was cooked Ben was not so keen on it anymore and the drama began.  We have a rule in our house…… you have to try all new foods!!  If you really don’t like them (after five mouthfuls)  you don’t have to eat them.   We all sat up at the table eating our porridge.  Well Andrew and I were eating and Ben was examining his with his magnifying glass!  I am sure he was hoping it would miraculously disappear.    He did eat all the banana and brown sugar off the top and a little porridge……. will give it another go next week.  Andrew and I both loved it!!

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Next week Chicken Parmigiana and carrots in a bag ….

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