First Pumpkin

Halloween has never really been a major celebration in Australia…… well not for us anyhow.    But last year we had so many Trick-Or-Treaters.  So this year we thought we would do a little to join in.  Ben and I bought our first pumpkins to carve.

Picnik collage

I cut  lids and opened them and thought ewwwwww really??!!!!  I wasn’t expecting so much slop!!  I also didn’t really have any idea of what we would carve.  So I did what every good researcher does and ‘Googled’  it – Halloween carving templates and How to carve a pumpkin.    I had everything I could possible need right on the computer screen – Thank you Mr Google!

Ben and Andrew picked a scarey design and I picked a more smiley one.   I used a small stanely knife as I found that the easiest.  This is what we ended up with (don’t look too closely!).


And  in the dark…..


It was a bit of fun.  Ben is excited to put them out tomorrow and hand out lollies to the Trick-Or-Treaters.  So I think this is when I am supposed to say ‘Happy Halloween!’ (I’m a Newbie).

my name.jpg

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