Old Fashioned Chocolate Slice

No this is not a Chocolate Brownie……. it’s good old fashioned Chocolate Slice that our Mum’s made us (it is soooo much nicer than a chocolate brownie!!).  When we were out in Chinchilla last weekend someone at Tom’s party had baked Chocolate Slice.  As I ate a piece childhood memories came flashing back.

MMmmmmm I love Chocolate Slice.

So this weekend the healthier version on myself had a little relapse.  I made Chocolate Slice.


I found a recipe in my old school textbook (I think this book has seen better days – it is twenty-four years old).

Picnik collage

Here is the recipe straight from the stained pages ….ewwww!  I must have been one messy cook when I was learning!!!


It really is a delicious simple recipe.  To make it a little healthier you could replace the white flour with wholemeal and the white sugar with rapadura.

Enjoy xo

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