1st Halloween


This was our first ever attempt at Halloween.  Our neighborhood children seem to really enjoy the whole thing.  Why wouldn’t they….. FREE LOLLIES!!

We had Trick-or-Treaters from  4.30pm.  It was mostly boys and some of them were so focused on the lollies they forgot their manners.  Most children came in great costumes but we did have the odd teenager in no costume with a shopping bag (shocking hey!!).  Ben had the best time handing out the lollies and yelling out ‘Happy Halloween!”.  He didn’t want to Trick-or-Treat….YAY!  I turned our lights off and took down the decorations at Ben’s bedtime but this didn’t seem to stop the lollie hunters.  To be honest I’m not sure if I am really that into Halloween…….I’m not convinced it is a celebration at all  – maybe just a very large lollie hunt!! (I always knew this really but it’s nice to look at something fresh through the eyes of your child)

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