Home for a Visit

Last weekend we headed home for the weekend.  I refer to ‘home’ as the country town Andrew and I grew up in – Chinchilla (four hours inland from Brisbane in Queensland Australia).  Even though Andrew, Ben and I have made a new home there is still something about this town that feels like we are home……. I’m certain it is family.  Our reason for the trip out west was to celebrate our nephew Tom’s 9th birthday and to spend the weekend amongst family.  Ben was just bursting with excitement the whole week prior to the trip.  There was some major counting down of sleeps.   Each day (a number of times in the day!) we would look at the calendar and count how many sleeps we had left until Tom’s party.  Ben made the  trip home a  long one!  Here is a text I sent to Tina  –


Ben didn’t even look like having a little nap in the car on the way.  I don’t even think he blinked his eyes.  He was way excited!

When we did arrive it didn’t take long for Ben and his cousin Tom to get down to some serious ‘Boy Business’.  Tom had bought Ben a yabbie net so it was down to the pond.

Picnik collage yabbie

I have to mention that we were also pulling the yabbie nets in the next morning  before 6.00am!!  I’m certain I am not a morning person but there we all were in the middle of the park in our pj’s catching yabbies and having a ball, especially Ben.

The serious ‘Boy Business’ also involved sling shots.  I was having a mild heart attack but didn’t want to look like the crazy over protective parent I am……. so just went with it as best I could.  There was very strict supervision.  Now Ben wants his very own sling shot….. not sure about that!

Picnik collage sling shot

Tom’s party was at the Weir.  It was a Jet Ski Party.  The boys all headed out to the weir early Sunday to secure a good position.

I was left searching the house everywhere for the keys to the car.  I thought that Andrew must have had them in his pocket.  But after a quick talk with Andrew’s brother I found them here.


Cameron (Andrew’s brother) couldn’t get used to me locking the car….hilarious!  Who locks the car??!!

The boys (big and little) had all been in the water by the time we arrived just after ten (Ben went in fully dressed).  The kids had a fabulous day on the tube, boards, wave ski and jet ski.  I think the big kids had a good day driving the ski too! I have never seen Ben having so much fun ….EVER!!!

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

To finish a wonderful day  there was cake….. chocolate cake and lots of it.


Picnik collage

As you can gather we had a lovely time.  It was great to catch up with family, old friends and met some new ones.  It was also pretty special to see Ben grow in confidence amongst it all and having the time of his life.  He was so warn out on the drive home he was asleep before we hit the grid (well maybe a couple of km’s out of town).  We promise we won’t leave it two and a half years before we visit again…… PROMISE!

There is no picture of Tom’s sister Maggie.  She was sick with the worst gastro virus I have seen.  Poor Missy Moo (that is what Ben calls her) even spent Sunday and Monday night in hospital.  We send you big hugs Maggie xo.

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Jetskiing at Chinchilla

Mmmm Jet Ski, just like Uncle Phil\'s and Aunty Tam\'s. This one belongs to Aunty Tina and Uncle Cam. We are at the Chinchilla Weir, which thanks to recent rain is almost 100% full.We recently headed out to Chinchilla for Maggie’s 3rd birthday. When we arrived Cam, Tina, Tam, Phil, Tom and Maggie were out at the weir with the Jetskis. Ben took a immediate shine to his Aunty Tina who let him sit on the Jetskis.  He also was allowed to wear his cousin Maggie’s pink sun glasses.  He was in heaven!!   Tam also got Belinda on the back on the Jetski.  She promised not to tip her off!  It was such a beautiful day – a nice change from all the hot weather we have been having.

Ben quite liked these lovely pink sunglasses. Borrowed from cousin Maggie. Belinda finally had a ride on the jet ski with Tam. Belinda finally had a ride on the jet ski with Tam.


On the weekend, Andrew, Ben and I made the trip out to Chinchilla to celebrate the sale of the family business – Lattimore’s Carey Ford! George and Judy have worked hard for 35 years and now deserve a wonderful retirement. All the boys, wives and children joined George and Jude for dinner on Saturday to help celebrate.

Ben had a great time catching up with his cousins – Tom and Maggie. Ben just loves playing with older kids. Ben also loved meeting the newest member of the family – Megs, the adopted long haired cat.