Billycarts & Ballerinas


So tell me, what was your favorite childhood toy, and do you still have it?  Many of my favorite childhood memories are of my brother and I playing with our favorite toys.  Simple classic toys…. not like the ones that are available in most toy shops today.   I loved loved loved… my china tea set.  It was tan and brown and to me it was the most precious of all my belongings.

I have never lost my love of toys or maybe some would say I have never really grown up.  But since having my son Ben I now have an excuse to purchase them.   I have tried to purchase toys that are not only great fun but that are good quality and educational.  Toys like that aren’t so easy to come by in the shops.  I quickly developed an addiction to online shopping!!!  But online shopping  isn’t the same, you can’t hold it, smell it, squeeze it……. you get the picture.

So when Tam and Phil told us they  purchased  a  ……..TOY SHOP I could hardly contain my excitement!!  Their toy shop Billycarts and Ballerinas is  no run-of-the-mill toy shop but a divine Toy Shop  full to the brim with unique and  precious quality toys and books.  Tam’s dedication for choosing unique toys is extraordinary.  They are toys that will be played with for more than an afternoon…. toys that memories are made of…. toys that will last a lifetime.   Billycarts and Ballerinas  can be found nestled away in the cozy streets of Toowoomba – 23 Bridge Street.  It is absolutely worth the drive to pop in and have a browse.  I would guarantee that you can not walk away empty handed.

A trip to Toowoomba makes for a fabulous day out with little ones- a bit of shopping at Billycarts and Ballerinas, a play in Queens Park and lunch at The Chocolate Cottage…….. just delicious!!!  We love Billycarts and Ballerinas – THANKS Aunty Tam xo

Jetskiing at Chinchilla

Mmmm Jet Ski, just like Uncle Phil\'s and Aunty Tam\'s. This one belongs to Aunty Tina and Uncle Cam. We are at the Chinchilla Weir, which thanks to recent rain is almost 100% full.We recently headed out to Chinchilla for Maggie’s 3rd birthday. When we arrived Cam, Tina, Tam, Phil, Tom and Maggie were out at the weir with the Jetskis. Ben took a immediate shine to his Aunty Tina who let him sit on the Jetskis.  He also was allowed to wear his cousin Maggie’s pink sun glasses.  He was in heaven!!   Tam also got Belinda on the back on the Jetski.  She promised not to tip her off!  It was such a beautiful day – a nice change from all the hot weather we have been having.

Ben quite liked these lovely pink sunglasses. Borrowed from cousin Maggie. Belinda finally had a ride on the jet ski with Tam. Belinda finally had a ride on the jet ski with Tam.