Jetskiing at Chinchilla

Mmmm Jet Ski, just like Uncle Phil\'s and Aunty Tam\'s. This one belongs to Aunty Tina and Uncle Cam. We are at the Chinchilla Weir, which thanks to recent rain is almost 100% full.We recently headed out to Chinchilla for Maggie’s 3rd birthday. When we arrived Cam, Tina, Tam, Phil, Tom and Maggie were out at the weir with the Jetskis. Ben took a immediate shine to his Aunty Tina who let him sit on the Jetskis.  He also was allowed to wear his cousin Maggie’s pink sun glasses.  He was in heaven!!   Tam also got Belinda on the back on the Jetski.  She promised not to tip her off!  It was such a beautiful day – a nice change from all the hot weather we have been having.

Ben quite liked these lovely pink sunglasses. Borrowed from cousin Maggie. Belinda finally had a ride on the jet ski with Tam. Belinda finally had a ride on the jet ski with Tam.

Jet Skiing with Uncle Phil

See that small dot..... thats me! On Sunday Andrew, Ben, Phil and myself spent the day at Somerset Dam.  Uncle Phil and Andrew took Ben had his first ride on a jetski.  He loved sitting on the Jetski and playing with the handle bars.  He wasn’t overly keen on the life jacket….. probably because it was way to big.  He will have to grow into it.  It was great to spend a day outside (and not swelter in the heat) and to catch up with Phil.  Check out Ben on the jetski!

Uncle Phil, Ben and Andrew

Getting ready to go!