Week 8 with Jamie – Fish

Picnik collage

This week the lovely Danella stepped us through three dishes – cucumber yoghurt, salmon tikka and evolution potato salad.  All incredibly simple quick dishes.  My fav was the evolution potato salad.  We are big fans of the evolutions salads…. the tomato and green salads….very tasty!

Next week – Baking….crumble…yummo!!

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Snips & Snails


Boys!!  Ben’s favorite things are sticks, stones, string and bark.  He loves nothing more than collecting sticks.  I even found one in the fridge this week!  I also forgot to clean out Ben’s pockets before doing the washing.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the washing machine lid.  There was so much bark covering the clothes.  Even after I had taken all the clothes out I had to vacuum out the bark from the machine….TWICE!!  Oh I love Ben….snips and snails and puppy dog tails!!

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Bonnie xo

Bonnie is our family dog.   She is more than a dog to us.   She is wonderful company.   We love her to bits!!    Andrew and I bought her soon after we bought our first home.  She has been with us eight years.  Ben calls her Pup Pup.  If you have noticed in our photos she is never far away from Ben.  This is how I found Ben and Bonnie early Sunday morning.  Oh poor Bonnie!!!!

Picnik collage Ben and Bonnie

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Our Acre

Oh…. what a morning.  Nothing serious but just one of those mornings when you feel nothing really is going your way.  I felt my whole body tense and I was so angry….. !  I dropped Ben at Kindy and then headed home.  Instead of going inside and fussing over jobs I went for a walk to the chickens.  They are so lovely and the morning was fresh.  I was only there for about ten minutes but there were so many visitors.  Our neighborhood family of ducks were crossing the road, the Magpies were so close I could have patted them, the miners were flying about, two lovely Kookaburra’s perched about one meter away from me and the silly scrub turkey came in for some breakfast.  I was reminded just why we live out of town.  I love it out here on our acre!!  Our flying visitors had helped me calm down and catch my breath.  Now back to the day……xo

Picnik collage birds

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A Run in the Sun

Over the last week we have had some of the coldest weather I can remember.  Ohhhh it’s been chilly.  We are blessed with wonderful sunshine most of the year (even in winter).  So when we have some cold miserable weather geezzz we know about it.

But someone was smiling down on us today and the warm sun was back – so lovely.  We took a last minute detour on our way home today to a new park in Springfield.  I have to say I thought Andrew was out of his mind wanting to go to a new park on the Queens Birthday public holiday. Yes the park was packed but how does the saying go ‘the more the merrier’.  There is an awesome water play area….. awesome!!  But we were not prepared for that.  They also have fabulous play equipment and swings.  But what was extra special was  the  amazing grass and garden pyramids, steep hills and great big steps.  Just perfect for climbing, jumping  and rolling.  Ben (and Andrew) had the best time!  Definitely heading back here!!






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