Our Little Super Hero

Picnik collage

My heart melts when I see this picture.  Oh how he is growing up.  I remember before I was a Mum I always thought these costumes were so tacky.  But now…. I love them.  I love  how our little man lights up when he is in it.  I just love it.

We seem to have super heroes all day long at the moment.  They even join us for dinner .  Ben was really enjoying his dinner tonight – making lots of yummmmms and mmmmmm.  Then he pipes up and says ” Mum there is party in my belly.  Can you hear the music?”  Then he began to sing “Nananananananana Batman”.  My heart melts again….. I’m such a softy!

my name.jpg

Super Hero Surprises

Much to Ben’s excitement a parcel arrived in the mail for him last week.  It was full of Super Hero goodies from his cousins Tom and Maggie.  There was also an ‘I love NZ’ shirt in there…… thanks Aunty Tina!! Ben could not rip open the Batman figurine fast enough.  It has been everywhere with us.   Maggie had drawn and labeled the most gorgeous picture of Ben as a Super Hero. It is spectacular.  Thanks so much Uncle Cam, Aunty Tina, Tom and Maggie.  We love surprises xoxoxo

Super Hero Ben.jpg