Our Little Super Hero

Picnik collage

My heart melts when I see this picture.  Oh how he is growing up.  I remember before I was a Mum I always thought these costumes were so tacky.  But now…. I love them.  I love  how our little man lights up when he is in it.  I just love it.

We seem to have super heroes all day long at the moment.  They even join us for dinner .  Ben was really enjoying his dinner tonight – making lots of yummmmms and mmmmmm.  Then he pipes up and says ” Mum there is party in my belly.  Can you hear the music?”  Then he began to sing “Nananananananana Batman”.  My heart melts again….. I’m such a softy!

my name.jpg

Not a Baby Anymore!

Tonight Ben decided that there would be no more night time bottle before bed.  He hopped up on my knee and instead of wanting his bottle he picked up a book for his story and pushed the bottle away.  It has been a delight to cuddle Ben every night as he had his bottle.  I write this with a little tear in my eye – My little boy is growing up. xoxo