Where Did Three Years Go?

I snapped this photo today when Ben had a little nap on the couch (which is unheard of!).  But it reminded me of this baby photo I took when he was about a month old.  WOW ……. he seems to have grown in the blink of an eye!!!  He still makes my heart melt xoxo

IMG_4105.JPG DSC_1590.JPG

4 thoughts on “Where Did Three Years Go?”

  1. Lordy, lordy, lordy Benjamin James your features are the same and man you look like your dad but as you grow I can see more and more of your mum in you, especially your eyes for some reason. Anyways, you will always be your own unique self and whether you are months old or years old, of course you will always be cute, but perhaps as your Aunty I am just a tad bias.

    B is that a Kaloo bunny? I am a child-toy-brand-a-holic (some of course being better than others – homemade being the absolute best as always) these days and cannot seem to stop researching for new toys/books etc. Can someone be addicted to toy/book research, I think I need an intervention? Thank you so much for giving me and Pip a break this Saturday B, we can’t say thank you enough?

    Big Love, Aunty Tamxxxooo

  2. Hi Tam, Yip that is a Kaloo bunny. I don’t like most of the Kaloo range but this bunny is a winner. Ben has three of them incase we misplace one. He loves them!!

    It’s my pleasure to be in the shop. I LOVE IT!! xoxoxo

  3. Under the bridge, down the road, keep the mind open and active and it won’t wory you !

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