Q1 on the Gold Coast

Yesterday we visited Q1. The viewing level is called QDeck and entry costs less than $20. Well worth it though as the view is spectacular. QDeck offers 360 degree viewing and also has a bar / cafe. We spent about an hour up there enjoying the views and the coffee. Benjamin also had a great time crawling around everywhere.

Q1 on the Gold Coast

QDeck at Q1 on the Gold Coast

Us at Q1 on the Gold Coast

The Beach #1

Today was Benjamin’s first visit to the beach.

We are staying at the Gold Coast in Mantra Wings Surfers Paradise, which is very close to Surfers Paradise Beach. Initially Belinda took Ben out into the water where he proceeded to make a few noises (not keen apparently). Then some friendly passers by stopped to offer Ben some encouragement. I took over for a few minutes and got Ben into the sand and water (still not keen it seemed). We finally escaped with Ben running in the air.

Aunty Claire suggested that a first beach experience might be like a “cat on wet grass”. I think she got it pretty close.

The last shot is of the pram (Bugaboo Bee) on the beach. It is not very well suited to the soft sand but we persevered anyway. Oh yeah, Belinda found a little bucket and spade for Ben which we are going to go back and try out tomorrow.

Fair Dinkum Crawling !

Ben has been commando crawling for some time.¬† Now I know we are not strictly monitoring to ‘popular’ milestones, but BEN CRAWLED CONVENTIONALLY¬† TODAY !.

He has been experimenting with his bum in the air and his belly off the floor for a week or so, but today was the first time he put it all together.

Well we’re excited.

Ben doing the crawl thing.

Dummy or not to Dummy?

Before having children I was one of those people who used to think ‘I will never give my child a dummy’. Well……. Benjamin loves his dummy during his day sleeps and more recently I have caved in and given it to him at night as well. We are trying not to use it out of the cot at all. But why why why did I hold out on giving him a dummy at night for so long. I worried about it for months and got up two, three and sometimes four times in the night (especially when teething). I have had the most amazing sleep at night since he has the dummy. The past week he has been sleeping from 7.15pm to 7.15am. We even had a lovely sleep in until 7.45am. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a morning person. So thank you to the dummy and thank you to my little man!! To all those non dummy users out there who are getting up at night…… convert and get some sleep!