Oh no….. Tiny!!!

IMG_0209.JPGI have always had concerns about using a Dummy – not really sure why (refer to Dummy or not to dummy?). But yesterday at Family Day Care Ben went to sleep without his dummy (YAY to Trudy his Family Day Care Mum).  So I thought I would use the opportunity to get rid of the dummy.  At Ben’s bedtime I showed him a broken dummy that he had chewed.  His comment was “Oh no…….. Tiny!!!”.  He did attempt to put it in his mouth and then proceeded to have a tiny grizzle.  To my astonishment Ben went to sleep without any problems.  He did stir a couple of times in the night looking for his dummy and he did wake earlier than normal at 6.30am.  But….. YAY to Ben for being such a big boy about it!!!  Good job!!!

Well…… a couple of days later it all turned ugly.  I  should never be over confident.  Ben went down for his afternoon sleep a little cranky.  He started to grizzle and before I knew it he was screaming crying like I had never heard.  He was jumping out of bed screaming.  I would put him back to bed and he would scream again.  I rang Andrew and put the phone in Bens room to share the screaming.  We both agreed that the dummy was coming out of retirement.  Andrew says he could still hear the screaming after I hung up.  Ben sucked on the dummy about four times and was fast asleep.  He will give it up when he is ready.  Better luck next time!!!

Dummy or not to Dummy?

Before having children I was one of those people who used to think ‘I will never give my child a dummy’. Well……. Benjamin loves his dummy during his day sleeps and more recently I have caved in and given it to him at night as well. We are trying not to use it out of the cot at all. But why why why did I hold out on giving him a dummy at night for so long. I worried about it for months and got up two, three and sometimes four times in the night (especially when teething). I have had the most amazing sleep at night since he has the dummy. The past week he has been sleeping from 7.15pm to 7.15am. We even had a lovely sleep in until 7.45am. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a morning person. So thank you to the dummy and thank you to my little man!! To all those non dummy users out there who are getting up at night…… convert and get some sleep!