We’ve Been Slapped!


Slapped Cheek…….. ever heard of it?  I hadn’t.  It is also called Fifth Disease.  Ben has it…… it’s not serious but it has stopped us from visiting anyone with small children or babies :(.  We had planned to visit cousins and attend a 3rd birthday party this weekend – BUMMER!

About a fortnight ago Ben had  a high temperature for one night.  That was it …. nothing else.  About fourteen days later a rash started on his arms and legs.  I took him to the doctor and they said it was just a topical rash.  His probably allergic to something.  But the rash became much worse and we couldn’t work out what he was allergic to.  I took him back to our family doctor this time and she diagnosed him with Slapped Cheek.  She also said that now the rash is out he probably isn’t contagious but he  shouldn’t be playing  with any small children just in case.  Oh yeah and adults can get it too!  It is a virus and is spread by coughing or sneezing.  The rash is not itchy but gets hot and spreads when Ben runs around or is outside.  So for the next little while we are indoors with the air conditioning on.  The treatment is to stay cool and take an antihistamine.  It looks worse than it actually is. He is happy and still his mischievous little self!

Andrew had a high temperature during the night last week.  We are just waiting for the rash.  He is on holidays in a week.  For sure that will be when the rash appears!!  Oh  my boys!!!

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Star Wars on a Plate

 I was excited when we picked up this today.


Ben’s very first drawn melamine plate.  Trudy’s daughters Kindy was collecting orders for their fundraiser and I couldn’t resist.  Ben drew the pictures in September when his Star Wars interest was still at it’s peak.  What am I saying……. he still loves Star Wars. He has drawn Jango Fett, General Grievous and Princess Leia.   Our pictures were on paper and now….voila……. they are on a plate!  I’m not sure Ben is as excited about it as I am?!

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Bits and Pieces

Kindy –    Kindy is over 🙁 for the year.  Last Tuesday was officially Ben’s last day.  During the last few weeks Ben received lots of candy canes, Christmas cards and little trinkets from his classmates.    It was so lovely to watch his excitement when receiving these little gifts.  Ben gave his classmates each a novelty pencil.   We wrapped each one…… well I did!  I do love wrapping presents but after twenty-two … maybe not so much.

Picnik collage

It is lovely to have Ben home with me……. but would it make me a bad Mum to say I miss Kindy a little already?


Car Airconditioning –   Our car’s airconditioning stopped working over two and a half weeks ago!  Oh I know it is not the end of the world but I love my aircon!  No seriously I love it!!!   Between the heat, hot flushes and Ben holding his ears (from the noise of the windows being open) it has not been a pleasant experience.  Tomorrow it will finally be fixed….. YAY!  I have learnt one very important lesson from this – Don’t take your car to the nice friendly old guy at the local Auto Electrical Shop…….. take it directly to the Dealer.  They can probably do the job in a couple of hours not two and a half weeks!!!  My patience has been tested!!


Water Play –   Ben has been spending his days doing this.




We made our own boats……


I can’t seem to keep any clothes on him when there is water around.  He doesn’t even keep his togs on while playing with this.  I’ve given up….. his four…….let him be a rudie nudie!


I HEART These Kids!


I seriously do love these kids.  Charlotte, Finlay and Ryan (not in photo) are so lovely.  Ben has grown up with them and he is always SUPER excited to see them.  They spent Friday afternoon and evening with us.  They raced each other up and down the driveway, played  Hide and Seek forever, watched Cars 2 and shared pizza.  Ben refers to them as his cousins but they are our wonderful old neighbours that have become wonderful friends.  Their Mum and Dad are pretty fabulous too! They are true friends – the ones that can knock on the door and find you in your pj’s but you don’t rush to get dressed you put the kettle on!


Cracking the Whip –    Andrew and Ben were up to old tricks again last night.  After Ben had had dinner and a bath I find them doing this.  The whip was out, the horse dusted off and there was some serious cracking going on.  I tell you they crack me up!!!  Ride like the wind Bulls Eye!!…….. seriously hilarious!  I wonder if Andrew’s arm is hurting again?


I love these two xo

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The Christmas Kindy Concert

Ben looked a bit handsome ready for the concert tonight.  He didn’t look very ‘Christmassy’ as he didn’t want to put on the Santa hat I had for him.

17554498683.jpgWell that was until we arrived at Kindy and he saw all the kids with them on and then he couldn’t get it on fast enough.

I was so excited about the concert but was trying to calm my excited so I didn’t freak everyone out. I have been the teacher at many Christmas concerts but this was my very first as a Mum.  My heart felt so full xo.

Because Ben is a little shy at times Ben’s teacher suggested that we should sit somewhere around the middle/ back of the room.  There was concern if Ben saw us he wouldn’t want to participate in the concert. I was pretty sure this would be the case.   Well….. we should have given him more credit. He sat and sang along (well mostly as well as  playing with a couple of lego men he had in his pocket).   He did well.  I am such a proud Mummy!  The children and teachers did a lovely job!  The children sang beautifully.  My favorites and Ben’s – Six White Boomers and Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.

This was my view from the middle/back of the room…….. I was fretting I couldn’t see!


This was Ben when he spotted us…… LOVE IT!


And I just couldn’t stand it and had to get a better picture.  I went out the back door, around the side, nudged my way in to snap this.  I had a giggle at this one.  So many little personalities – So lovely!!


Ben has grown so much this year. His Teachers Mrs Symonds and Mrs Thorne are fabulous.

Love you to bits gorgeous boy!!

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Tis the Season

Those that know me know that I love Christmas carols, Christmas stories and pretty much all things Christmas.  I don’t just love to listen to Christmas carols.  I love to sing them (nice and loud)!  Andrew and Ben don’t normally appreciate my singing abilities or my love of Christmas music.  Ben normally asks me to stop singing….. uggh!  But today Ben gave me have one of those happy Mummy moments.  More about that in a minute.

  At Kindy Ben’s class has been visiting the Prep rooms.  The Prep teachers have been reading them stories.  He came home yesterday and said the teacher read a story about ‘different reindeer’.  He asked me if I had that book.  I have a huge collection of children’s stories (another passion of mine).  But I couldn’t help him as I wasn’t sure what book he was talking about.  It was a couple of days latter while Ben was on the loo he  screams out to me “Mum the book was called Six White Boomers“.  My heart skipped a beat…… my favorite  Christmas story and song.

six white boomers.jpg

Tonight before bed we found my book on the shelf.  Ben informed me I had to find the CD that goes with it.  My response was I can sing it for you if you like.  His answer made my legs turn to jelly and my heart melt.  He said “Oh thanks Mummy.  I love you!”.  At bed time, all tucked up I sang ‘Six White Boomers’ and we followed the song in the book.  Not once did he ask me to stop singing ….. yay!

We have pretty much read Six White Boomers every night for a couple of weeks.  I have also learned that Ben’s class will be singing it at his Kindy Concert.  Here is Ben practicing before bed.

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