Our little one is not so little anymore.  This week Ben turned five….. WOW!  I can’t believe he is FIVE!  I used to be able to scoop him up and hold him in my arms.  But now he has these long skinny legs! Five years seems to have past in a blink of an eye.

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He is always making me laugh (well…… either that or driving me crazy!).  Here are a few bits that have melted my heart or made me giggle in the last few days:

1.  “Muuuum, my teeth have turbo boost.  I can eat my dinner super fast!”

2.  “Is there gravity in Heaven?”

3.  “How do you put your teeth back in” said Ben.  “What do you mean……like false teeth?” said Mum.  “No… when my teeth fall out.  How do I get the knew ones put in?” said Ben.

4.  Ben and I were playing ‘I spy with my little eye’.  Ben says “I spy with my little eye something that is beautiful”.  I named a few items…. flowers, gardens.  Ben yells “Nooooo my Mummy!!”.  (His a charmer)

5.  “Seriously Mum, I don’t think that is right!”

Love you heaps Ben!!

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A bit of this and that…..

I have been a little slack when it comes to blogging of late.  I have lots of little bits to catch you up on.  Oh also I have not picked up my Nikon since discovering Instagram.  I will have to dust the cobwebs off the Nikon this week….. promise.

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1.  We are seriously excited about having family move closer.  Andrew’s brother and his family are now only an hour away.  Ben can’t contain his excitement about being closer to Tom and Maggie.  We had a bit of a party afternoon tea when we went to visit.  Don’t they look pretty spiffy in their school uniforms!!

2.  Andrew and I went to see Mary Poppins at the theatre…….. It was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!!  I loved it – REALLY loved it.  Andrew thought it was ok.  I loved it so much that I came home and booked tickets to go again.  Mum and I are going  and we have the best seats …… two rows from the front.  I can’t wait  eeeeee!!!!!!

3.  We have had heaps of rain.  It seems to be raining most days in the afternoons.  It is really difficult not to have a nanna nap!!  It would be (and is) so easy to curl up on the couch!  I am trying to break the habit!

4.  We have been teaching Ben to play Uno.  He loves it.   He is particularly found of draw four and draw two cards.  He loves to use them and laughs when you have to pick up.  He is pretty switched on and can  beat me.  He loves that as well. I have to get my game face on now!

5.  Oh my……. can you believe Ben has a Barbie and Ken.  Barbie is a police woman and Ken is a fireman.  I think they look more like strippers.   I’m not a huge fan!

6.  Check out our Bonnie.  I went to pick her up from her haircut and nearly died.  They shaved her.  It must have been a new person clipping her.   I hardly recognized her.  She is still pretty adorable and looks so tiny.

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7.  Ben has the greatest marble run ever.  If you don’t have one… need one.  It’s called Quadrilla.  Ben got it for Christmas from his Gamma and Grandad.  If you are thinking of buying one the marble catching trays are a must.  We don’t have them and are forever picking up   marbles from the front door to the back door.  I really need to order the trays.

8.  This is Ben’s creation – a spider.  Ben has never been into making craft.   It seemed the more I tried to encourage it the more Ben pushed it away.  But recently a miracle has happened.  His got his creative mojo happening……. it’s fabulous!  This week at Kindy he made another spider and so did his whole class.  It is super to see him take ownership over his play at school.

9.  It might look like just some bits of Lego on a board to you.  But it is a very serious Lego game.  Do you like the dice made from Lego men legs.  Ben sits with us playing his games (totally made up, with rules that change continually) forever.  His imagination is so interesting and fresh.  He always surprises me (and he always wins!).

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10.  This is Ben’s new favourite.  He calls it a ‘fluffle pillow’  instead of a ‘whoopee cushion’ which I find hilarious.   He was given it as a prize at Charlotte’s 9th birthday party.  I have never heard him laugh so hard.  I suppose this is the beginning of the toilet humor that I don’t think boys ever get over.

11.  This is my new favourite breakfast….. for a treat – Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake.  I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it before.  You really need to make it.  So yum!!!

12.  I am so so so excited to finally have a Tom Tom GPS.  Those who know me know I have absolutely no sense of direction.  Andrew has an inbuilt GPS.  He very rarely gets lost.  But unfortunately he can’t be my full time chauffeur.

13.  We have been visiting our cousins on the coast.  We caught up with Hugo, Evie and Aunty Claire…… always a pleasure (well  when the boys aren’t killing each other – we will have some stories for them when they are older xo).

14.  Ipswich Art Gallery had a pretty spectacular Children’s Gallery this school holiday – Built for Speed.   You could design, build and race your Lego hot rod, dragster or supercar down ramps and slick tracks.  It was busy and loud but so fun!


15.  Finally Andrew is home – tired, smelly but refreshed from a week skiing in Japan with his mates Tapio and Ben.  Check out Tapio’s video of the posse carving up the mountain!  We are happy to have him home with no broken bones (hehehe).    Missed you heaps honey!! I am sure he will update you on his fab adventures soon.

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Another First Day…..

I seriously can’t believe it.

What a different boy!!!

Today was Ben’s (2nd) first day of Kindy.  Andrew and I decided to keep Ben in Kindergarten another year.  We had the choice to move on to Prep but it just didn’t feel right.   I think it  is the teacher in me that really wanted him to have another year.  I want to see his confidence grow a little more before he enters formal schooling.  This morning Ben showed me we had made the right decision. If only you knew how many times I walked out of Kindy last year with tears in my eyes watching my little man upset or struggle.  But not today…… he  stood tall, proud and confident.

He was asking children their names – Last year he was clinging on to me not saying a word.

He engaged in an activity without any encouragement – Last year he showed little interest.

He told me I could go home – Last year he was crying and my heart was heavy.

I have walked out of Kindy this morning knowing my little man is happy and in the best hands.  A great start to what will be a fabulous year!!

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Twelve Christmas Favourites #12

#12 Christmas Favourite – Ben’s Christmas

There has been a big lead up to Christmas.  Christmas celebrations started for Ben in mid November at Kindy with preparations for the Christmas concert.  There were Christmas carols, tree decorating, decoration making, present making and a Christmas concert. The concert was a big hit (refer to Christmas Kindy Concert).

Ben has helped me at home put up and decorate the tree, write Christmas cards (which aren’t in the post yet!!), make special Christmas treats, and wrap presents.   He insists on putting Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer on repeat.  This has driven me a little mad!!  Maybe he has inherited my love of Christmas carols….. YAY!

We have also been to see the Christmas tree in the city, the Christmas windows at Myer, some Christmas house lights and  made a visit to Santa.  In the last few days we have introduced a very special Christmas surprise.  Yesterday Jack the Pixie Elf arrived from the North Pole (well from   Jack (Ben named him Jack) the Pixie Elf’s job is to watch Ben and report back to Santa.  Every night Jack magically flies to Santa to give him this important information.  So each morning Ben needs to find Jack. It’s all very cute and a lot of fun.  Ben keeps asking me “Mum is Jack really real?”



Tonight Ben prepared a snack and a drink for Santa and his reindeer.  I also had a super special surprise for him.  We had a message from Santa on the apple TV – Oh My Gosh Ben was intrigued.

Ben is so excited about being on the ‘Nice List’.

17953952659.jpgBen is now tucked up in bed.  Santa has made his deliveries and the last minute preparations are being made for a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable Christmas day.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share these amazing experiences with Ben – love you little guy xo.

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Twelve Christmas Favourites #11

#11 Christmas Favourite – Giving

I adore giving gifts to loved ones.  I love finding that special something, wrapping it up and keeping it safe until Christmas day.  I have difficulty waiting until Christmas to give people their presents. I just get a little excited.

This year I also thought it was important for Ben to experience giving gifts and  not just receiving.  This year Ben gave some gifts to World VisionOnline we looked through the gifts you can give children that aren’t as fortunate as Ben.  We explained to him that these children don’t have Christmas trees with presents, special treats to eat or maybe even toys to play with.  He had trouble believing that this could be possible.  He chose pencils, a chicken and feed and a fruit tree – small gifts really that can make such a difference.  I am not sure how much Ben understood but hopefully we have planted a seed.

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