Another First Day…..

I seriously can’t believe it.

What a different boy!!!

Today was Ben’s (2nd) first day of Kindy.  Andrew and I decided to keep Ben in Kindergarten another year.  We had the choice to move on to Prep but it just didn’t feel right.   I think it  is the teacher in me that really wanted him to have another year.  I want to see his confidence grow a little more before he enters formal schooling.  This morning Ben showed me we had made the right decision. If only you knew how many times I walked out of Kindy last year with tears in my eyes watching my little man upset or struggle.  But not today…… he  stood tall, proud and confident.

He was asking children their names – Last year he was clinging on to me not saying a word.

He engaged in an activity without any encouragement – Last year he showed little interest.

He told me I could go home – Last year he was crying and my heart was heavy.

I have walked out of Kindy this morning knowing my little man is happy and in the best hands.  A great start to what will be a fabulous year!!

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