Our little one is not so little anymore.  This week Ben turned five….. WOW!  I can’t believe he is FIVE!  I used to be able to scoop him up and hold him in my arms.  But now he has these long skinny legs! Five years seems to have past in a blink of an eye.

Picnik collage

He is always making me laugh (well…… either that or driving me crazy!).  Here are a few bits that have melted my heart or made me giggle in the last few days:

1.  “Muuuum, my teeth have turbo boost.  I can eat my dinner super fast!”

2.  “Is there gravity in Heaven?”

3.  “How do you put your teeth back in” said Ben.  “What do you mean……like false teeth?” said Mum.  “No… when my teeth fall out.  How do I get the knew ones put in?” said Ben.

4.  Ben and I were playing ‘I spy with my little eye’.  Ben says “I spy with my little eye something that is beautiful”.  I named a few items…. flowers, gardens.  Ben yells “Nooooo my Mummy!!”.  (His a charmer)

5.  “Seriously Mum, I don’t think that is right!”

Love you heaps Ben!!

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2 thoughts on “FIVE”

  1. Wow, so many gorgeous shots in there of Ben. Gosh when you see some of the earlier photos and some not so long ago really, he has changed soooo much. He doesn’t look like a baby anymore but he will always be your baby boy no matter how old he is xxxooo

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