A 1st and a 50th

There has been much celebrate in the Lattimore family of late.  Baby Grace (our niece) turned one and Jude and George (Andrew’s parents) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Gracie celebrated her special day with  family and friends. It was a spectacular party at home.  Ben loved loved LOVED the water bomb game!!  The weather was glorious  after the days of rain we had had previous.  It was a pretty special day!

Happy First Birthday Beautiful Girl xoxo

Picnik collage

Jude and George celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  What an achievement!

IMG_5141.JPGIt was so lovely to have all the family there – all the boys, their wives and the six grandchildren.


IMG_5036.JPGThis photo is missing Gracie.  We did try and get a shot with the six kids but …… here it is!  I’ll say no more!!!


Congratulations Jude and George (or should we say Nanny and Grandad) xoxo

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3 thoughts on “A 1st and a 50th”

  1. Great photos Belinda, it is hard to believe that Grace is 1 already. I like the family photo best.

  2. Awww, what a lovely blog entry. Can’t believe my little baby girl is one, almost brings a tear to the eye if it wasn’t so exciting to think of all the fun things to look forward to.

    Some news on the Gracie front – she is almost WALKING!! She LOVES walking around coffee tables and bravely lets go to walk two to three steps from the table to the lounge. It is so funny to watch and I so just want to help her to get there but this is one thing that Gracie has to do on her own. It amazes me just how quickly new developments happen. In one week Grace has become so much more confident on her feet and instead of insisting on holding our two hands whilst walking, she waddles along (so cute with her tiny little legs) holding onto our one hand for support.

  3. Very cute photos and you all looked like you had a great day xxx

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