Twelve Christmas Favourites #11

#11 Christmas Favourite – Giving

I adore giving gifts to loved ones.  I love finding that special something, wrapping it up and keeping it safe until Christmas day.  I have difficulty waiting until Christmas to give people their presents. I just get a little excited.

This year I also thought it was important for Ben to experience giving gifts and  not just receiving.  This year Ben gave some gifts to World VisionOnline we looked through the gifts you can give children that aren’t as fortunate as Ben.  We explained to him that these children don’t have Christmas trees with presents, special treats to eat or maybe even toys to play with.  He had trouble believing that this could be possible.  He chose pencils, a chicken and feed and a fruit tree – small gifts really that can make such a difference.  I am not sure how much Ben understood but hopefully we have planted a seed.

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One thought on “Twelve Christmas Favourites #11”

  1. Brilliant idea. We will be doing this with Gracie as well (a little young to understand at the moment). I think considering how much we give our kids, it is SOOOO very important they understand how fortunate they are.

    Phil and I are still not that ofay with how to make it a PROPER Xmas yet but we are trying to make an effort with what little time we have. We kind of needed you to come up and ‘Christmasfy’ us. I have two confessions to make which I can already hear you exclaiming ‘Noooo’! I almost forgot to get Gracie something from Santa. Also, Phil and I do not have anything for each other yet. Okay we are not terrible parents/partners we have simply been ridiculously busy for months now. Now that Phil is on holidays, we just need to find some time between sharing working in the shop and looking after Gracie to actually get to the shops. Hmmm… ‘getting to the shops’, harder than it sounds :)xo

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