Twelve Christmas Favourites #12

#12 Christmas Favourite – Ben’s Christmas

There has been a big lead up to Christmas.  Christmas celebrations started for Ben in mid November at Kindy with preparations for the Christmas concert.  There were Christmas carols, tree decorating, decoration making, present making and a Christmas concert. The concert was a big hit (refer to Christmas Kindy Concert).

Ben has helped me at home put up and decorate the tree, write Christmas cards (which aren’t in the post yet!!), make special Christmas treats, and wrap presents.   He insists on putting Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer on repeat.  This has driven me a little mad!!  Maybe he has inherited my love of Christmas carols….. YAY!

We have also been to see the Christmas tree in the city, the Christmas windows at Myer, some Christmas house lights and  made a visit to Santa.  In the last few days we have introduced a very special Christmas surprise.  Yesterday Jack the Pixie Elf arrived from the North Pole (well from   Jack (Ben named him Jack) the Pixie Elf’s job is to watch Ben and report back to Santa.  Every night Jack magically flies to Santa to give him this important information.  So each morning Ben needs to find Jack. It’s all very cute and a lot of fun.  Ben keeps asking me “Mum is Jack really real?”



Tonight Ben prepared a snack and a drink for Santa and his reindeer.  I also had a super special surprise for him.  We had a message from Santa on the apple TV – Oh My Gosh Ben was intrigued.

Ben is so excited about being on the ‘Nice List’.

17953952659.jpgBen is now tucked up in bed.  Santa has made his deliveries and the last minute preparations are being made for a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable Christmas day.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share these amazing experiences with Ben – love you little guy xo.

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2 thoughts on “Twelve Christmas Favourites #12”

  1. I sure hope Jacks report is good tonight.
    Love the video, Bens reaction was just priceless. I am very pleased that I was there to see it.
    I think your 12 days of Christmas have been great, I have loved them all.

  2. WOW, that was amazing! Where do you find the time to do these things?? Very, very clever. It would have been cool to see another video of Ben watching it to see his face. See you tomorrow xoxoxo

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