The Christmas Kindy Concert

Ben looked a bit handsome ready for the concert tonight.  He didn’t look very ‘Christmassy’ as he didn’t want to put on the Santa hat I had for him.

17554498683.jpgWell that was until we arrived at Kindy and he saw all the kids with them on and then he couldn’t get it on fast enough.

I was so excited about the concert but was trying to calm my excited so I didn’t freak everyone out. I have been the teacher at many Christmas concerts but this was my very first as a Mum.  My heart felt so full xo.

Because Ben is a little shy at times Ben’s teacher suggested that we should sit somewhere around the middle/ back of the room.  There was concern if Ben saw us he wouldn’t want to participate in the concert. I was pretty sure this would be the case.   Well….. we should have given him more credit. He sat and sang along (well mostly as well as  playing with a couple of lego men he had in his pocket).   He did well.  I am such a proud Mummy!  The children and teachers did a lovely job!  The children sang beautifully.  My favorites and Ben’s – Six White Boomers and Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.

This was my view from the middle/back of the room…….. I was fretting I couldn’t see!


This was Ben when he spotted us…… LOVE IT!


And I just couldn’t stand it and had to get a better picture.  I went out the back door, around the side, nudged my way in to snap this.  I had a giggle at this one.  So many little personalities – So lovely!!


Ben has grown so much this year. His Teachers Mrs Symonds and Mrs Thorne are fabulous.

Love you to bits gorgeous boy!!

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