Tis the Season

Those that know me know that I love Christmas carols, Christmas stories and pretty much all things Christmas.  I don’t just love to listen to Christmas carols.  I love to sing them (nice and loud)!  Andrew and Ben don’t normally appreciate my singing abilities or my love of Christmas music.  Ben normally asks me to stop singing….. uggh!  But today Ben gave me have one of those happy Mummy moments.  More about that in a minute.

  At Kindy Ben’s class has been visiting the Prep rooms.  The Prep teachers have been reading them stories.  He came home yesterday and said the teacher read a story about ‘different reindeer’.  He asked me if I had that book.  I have a huge collection of children’s stories (another passion of mine).  But I couldn’t help him as I wasn’t sure what book he was talking about.  It was a couple of days latter while Ben was on the loo he  screams out to me “Mum the book was called Six White Boomers“.  My heart skipped a beat…… my favorite  Christmas story and song.

six white boomers.jpg

Tonight before bed we found my book on the shelf.  Ben informed me I had to find the CD that goes with it.  My response was I can sing it for you if you like.  His answer made my legs turn to jelly and my heart melt.  He said “Oh thanks Mummy.  I love you!”.  At bed time, all tucked up I sang ‘Six White Boomers’ and we followed the song in the book.  Not once did he ask me to stop singing ….. yay!

We have pretty much read Six White Boomers every night for a couple of weeks.  I have also learned that Ben’s class will be singing it at his Kindy Concert.  Here is Ben practicing before bed.

my name.jpg