Christmas Time xo

It’s over….. Christmas just goes by so fast :(.  Our tree is gone and I miss it already!

We had a quiet relaxing Christmas with just seven of us – my Mum, my Dad, my Brother, his Wife, Andrew, Ben and I.  Most preparations were done the day before so the day was fabulous.    You would think since I was organised I would have heaps of photos……… well errr no!  I took one picture all day…….. tragic I know!!!  I just didn’t feel like it.   I scrounged some from my Dad and my Sister-in-law (thanks).  But on Boxing Day I tried out Instagram on my iPhone  (photo App) – Oh I’m in LOVE!

Our Christmas day was full with family, eating, snoozing, chatting and Lego.  Lego covers my house (well that is really no different to any other day!!).  The days that followed were filled with family, more food, more snoozing, more chatting, more lego and the best marble run in the world.


Thanks to everyone for making our Christmas wonderful.

Happy Holidays !

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Tis the Season

Those that know me know that I love Christmas carols, Christmas stories and pretty much all things Christmas.  I don’t just love to listen to Christmas carols.  I love to sing them (nice and loud)!  Andrew and Ben don’t normally appreciate my singing abilities or my love of Christmas music.  Ben normally asks me to stop singing….. uggh!  But today Ben gave me have one of those happy Mummy moments.  More about that in a minute.

  At Kindy Ben’s class has been visiting the Prep rooms.  The Prep teachers have been reading them stories.  He came home yesterday and said the teacher read a story about ‘different reindeer’.  He asked me if I had that book.  I have a huge collection of children’s stories (another passion of mine).  But I couldn’t help him as I wasn’t sure what book he was talking about.  It was a couple of days latter while Ben was on the loo he  screams out to me “Mum the book was called Six White Boomers“.  My heart skipped a beat…… my favorite  Christmas story and song.

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Tonight before bed we found my book on the shelf.  Ben informed me I had to find the CD that goes with it.  My response was I can sing it for you if you like.  His answer made my legs turn to jelly and my heart melt.  He said “Oh thanks Mummy.  I love you!”.  At bed time, all tucked up I sang ‘Six White Boomers’ and we followed the song in the book.  Not once did he ask me to stop singing ….. yay!

We have pretty much read Six White Boomers every night for a couple of weeks.  I have also learned that Ben’s class will be singing it at his Kindy Concert.  Here is Ben practicing before bed.

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Oh Christmas Tree!

It feels like Christmas is our house.  Our tree is up.   I love Christmas decorations!!!  Ben and Gamma helped me put up the tree.  We spent the morning listening to Christmas carols and sorting decorations.   I gave Ben a selection of decorations and let him go for it. This is his masterpiece!!!

Picnik collage

I left it that way for three days and then did this……


I did it while Ben was at Kindy.  He thought Santa had been and left a wonderful tree.  He loved it.   I was relieved.  I didn’t correct him and tell him it wasn’t Santa but his control freak of a mother who did it!

So is your Christmas Tree up yet?  I know tradition says that you should wait until the first of December to put up the tree.  I just couldn’t wait!!!

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The Christmas Challenge “2010 update”

We  purchased Ben a fort for Christmas 2010.  Andrew and I  researched and decided on a climbing fort from Pepper Town on the Gold Coast.  We chose the Skyfort Clamber Climber with some additions.  But there was only one small obstacle….. it was proving to bit of a challenge to build it.  It didn’t stop raining.   Fortunately for us we have great family and friends and with their  help and a tarp to keep off some rain, the fort was built ready for Christmas. We can’t thank Uncle Al, Uncle Phil and the Durringtons  enough.



We told Ben it was a new Chicken House but he isn’t stupid and soon informed me that it wasn’t a Chicken House but a Ben Sized Play Fort!  We didn’t put the finishing touches on until after Christmas so we could wrap them up and put them under the Christmas Tree.  I also convinced Andrew and Dad  decorate the fort in the pouring rain on Christmas Eve.


We were so excited to see Ben’s reaction on Christmas day……. but there was only one problem IT WAS STILL RAINING!!  I think Andrew and I were more disappointed than Ben about the rain.


Ben still managed a little play between the showers.  I think his face says it all.  It is a hit!!

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