Oh Christmas Tree!

It feels like Christmas is our house.  Our tree is up.   I love Christmas decorations!!!  Ben and Gamma helped me put up the tree.  We spent the morning listening to Christmas carols and sorting decorations.   I gave Ben a selection of decorations and let him go for it. This is his masterpiece!!!

Picnik collage

I left it that way for three days and then did this……


I did it while Ben was at Kindy.  He thought Santa had been and left a wonderful tree.  He loved it.   I was relieved.  I didn’t correct him and tell him it wasn’t Santa but his control freak of a mother who did it!

So is your Christmas Tree up yet?  I know tradition says that you should wait until the first of December to put up the tree.  I just couldn’t wait!!!

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6 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree!”

  1. It is so beautiful ! I just love Christmas trees.
    I’m doing mine next week-end because my family and I always do it on the first week-end of december. Can’t wait !

  2. Ben did a fabulous job of decorating the tree, I think it’s simplicity was just beautiful but oh my what a masterpiec that ‘Santa’ turned it into. However, what I especially love is the big fat plush Santa in the background (hehe)… You will be very pleased to hear we are going to put up our tree this Sunday as we won’t have time before then. I love the red/white star on the top of your tree. This is going to be a very different Christmas for us, the first one we will actually be able to fully embrace and enjoy :)xxx

  3. I love love love the mat you have under your tree. I’m on the hunt for something like that.

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