Christmas Time xo

It’s over….. Christmas just goes by so fast :(.  Our tree is gone and I miss it already!

We had a quiet relaxing Christmas with just seven of us – my Mum, my Dad, my Brother, his Wife, Andrew, Ben and I.  Most preparations were done the day before so the day was fabulous.    You would think since I was organised I would have heaps of photos……… well errr no!  I took one picture all day…….. tragic I know!!!  I just didn’t feel like it.   I scrounged some from my Dad and my Sister-in-law (thanks).  But on Boxing Day I tried out Instagram on my iPhone  (photo App) – Oh I’m in LOVE!

Our Christmas day was full with family, eating, snoozing, chatting and Lego.  Lego covers my house (well that is really no different to any other day!!).  The days that followed were filled with family, more food, more snoozing, more chatting, more lego and the best marble run in the world.


Thanks to everyone for making our Christmas wonderful.

Happy Holidays !

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